Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just One of Those Days...

Well last night was a nightmare! Jade would NOT go to sleep! Granted, Kenny will NOT let her sleep any where but in our bed, every time we tried to lay her down she screamed! As soon as I held her though she went right to sleep. After hours of trying to convince Kenny that Jade wanted her own space and that she would do great in the pack n' play, I gave up and took her into the living room, placed her in her bouncy seat, and slept on the floor beside her. Now I am paying for the floor with a very stiff back. Needless to say if this happens tonight.... I PROMISE I WILL WIN THE FIGHT!

On a happier note, we took Jade to have her pictures taken at Ms. Carolyn's today and she did AWESOME. The little girl is amazing. She even held her head up for a much longer period of time today with some help getting her situated! I can't wait for 2 weeks so we can see them printed.

I don't know what's wrong with me here lately... maybe it's just my bad day last night, but it was horrible. I feel like I am just a nanny taking care of Kenny's child and cleaning his house. I don't feel appreciated at all. His argument for not wanting her to sleep in the pack n' play is because he can't touch her or hug her whenever he wants in the middle of the night. Well... you don't do that that often anyways, and I don't see him getting up with her to make her bottle and change her diaper at 4:00am anyways. Ugh. I just want to be told that I am appreciated and loved every now and then. Blah... sorry I am just down in the dumps I suppose.

I hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. It is creeping up on us for sure! L0ve to everyone and if you have a chance say a prayer that I will be uplifted!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 Weeks Ago Today!

4 weeks ago today I was right now hooked up to a monitor waiting to see Dr. Partridge before we went into our C-Section. I cannot believe it has been 4 weeks already. I am crying as I post this. :-(

Jade is growing up so fast. I cannot believe how quickly time goes by. She is holding her little head up for longer periods of time, she smiles when you do something she likes and I promise it isn't gas! She is having her 1 month old pictures taken on Sunday, her official 1 month birthday.

She is a precious gift from God and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

3 Weeks Old!!!! OMGosh!

Well today officially marks Jade's 3 week birthday! I cannot believe how quickly it has already gone by. She is such a precious miracle from God and i thank him so many times throughout the day for giving us her!

Jade is holding her head up for longer periods of time all by herself! She has rolled from her back to her side already! I know it sounds crazy but that little girl is a mover! She smiles constantly and wants to laugh out loud so bad! She has started sleeping from around midnight until close to 4 every night and wakes up around 7 to start her day. She LOVES LOVES LOVES bath time! She lost her umbilical cord on the 17th and we gave her her first tub bath on the 19th! She almost grins when we give her her bath! It is too cute!

WE fall more and more in love with our little girl each day and we sware she gets prettier by the second! We are getting her pictures taken next week and we are SO excited to see how they turn out!

We love you all!
Kenny, Becca, and Jade

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Jade is HERE!!!!

So this isn't the best picture of all of us, however it is our official 1st family picture! Literally taken within seconds of Jade's birth! We had a wonderful C-Section and I was able to get up and move by 6:00am the next morning! Praise the Lord!

Jade Allison Emitt

October 1st 2009

3:40 pm

8lbs. 9oz.

20 3/4 inches

God has truely blessed us with a wonderful little miracle! She is absolutely precious!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Only 3 Days Until Our Little Girl Is HERE!!!!

Well we went back to the doctor again this morning and low and behold NO PROGRESS! Go figure. I was actually talking to Jannis about it and she said that people like me back in the older times before they knew what to do about no progress babies were the ones who died! Scary... i think so! So we went and scheduled our C-Section.
We will be welcoming Jade into this world on Thursday, October 1st, 2009 at 3:00 in the afternoon! I have to go back to Willow Creek tomorrow at 1:30 for blood work just to make sure my levels are great (clotting wise) and to run tests for other things. It is so close I can feel it! I am so excited and a little nervous, but I know that God wanted it this way or it wouldn't have happened.

I also am going to spend the day tomorrow with my Mom and Aunt Deloris. I have a hair appointment at 10:00, then we will go to the hospital to get my blood drawn, then off to NuNails for pedicures. I need something done with my poor feet and legs! Ha! I also have to get some last minute things from Wal-Mart before the big day! I am just so excited and so ready to hold my little girl, even though her Daddy is going to be the one who holds her for a couple hours at least, I am going to get her when I go into recovery and you better believe that I am not going to let her go for a long LONG LONG time! :-)

Be praying for us, and come and visit Jade Allison if you want too!

Friday, September 25, 2009

6 Days Until Jade Allison arrives!!!!!! Crunch Time!

OK, so my blood pressure has been going crazy! Wednesday we had to actually go into the doctor to have it checked. It went through the roof for me 150/88. Yikes. I even had traces of protein in my urine at that check so we were sent down to Labor and Delivery to be hooked up to the monitors for an hour and a half! It was boring and made my back hurt so bad. Anyways, we were told to go ahead and keep our appointment for Thursday and we would discuss stuff more in depth then. Turns out I have a serious Bladder infection on top of all that. (Obviously it isn't that bad or I would have figured it out already! Oh well.) When we go in yesterday for our regular appointment she checked me again and still NO PROGRESS! Jade is a stubborn little girl. My pelvis is actually narrowing instead of widening and she says there is absolutely no way I can deliver her regularly. She is very anti C-Section, but that is our only option right now. So we go back to the doctor at 8:45 Monday morning to schedule our time for Jade's birthday. She is coming Thursday October 1st for sure. We just don't know when yet. It will more than likely be an early morning thing though before Dr. Partridge's regular appointments start. I am so glad that she is the one doing the C-Section, but very sad that I won't get to experience real delivery. Another sad thing is that Kenny will get to hold her immediately and I won't get to for a good while. Hopefully though we can all get some pictures taken with her and Dr. Partridge right after she's born and Kenny still can cut the umbilical cord (that is if he feels up to it since he will have to see the incision on me... he's still deciding!) God has truely blessed us with this little miracle, and we know that he will make everything smooth and calm for us next Thursday! We cannot wait to hold our little miracle and we are in shock that it is coming so soon! 6 more days!!!!!!!!
Be praying for us that Kenny first of all will be able to handle the demands that a C-Section puts on a husband/new dad, Me that I will heal quickly and that I will be able to rock and roll as soon as possible, and for Jade that she will be perfectly healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes and that she is beautiful and happy!

We love you all and will keep you posted on Monday about our scheduled time and what proceedures we will be going through.

P.S.- Baby Danny is here!!!!! He was born Wednesday September 23rd at 7:18pm. 7lbs. 7 oz. 21 inches long! He is precious! Looks just like Lonnie Gene! (Except no hair! Ha!) We love you guys and can't wait for Jade and Danny to meet! Katie and Lonnie Gene did so well! He's a keeper for sure!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Doctor's Appointment and MEGA updates!

Well I guess all we can say is we are sure glad that we had our maternity pictures made Saturday. It looks like they were taken just in the nick of time. We were 38 weeks Saturday and Jade is doing great!

Here goes all the exciting/semi-scary news... Today we had our regular weekly appointment. I noticed when she took my Blood pressure it was higher than normal. 140/84. Super high for me, but not really that crazy high. When we got called back almost immediately I should have figured something out. As soon as our nurse came in she checked my blood pressure again and this time it was higher than a few minutes ago. 144/86. Ugh. I had to lay down and wait on the table. By this time Kenny is about to panic anyways. She proceeds to check it a couple more times and it finally was down to 138/84. Anyways, Dr. P checks me out and guess what NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Jade had actually moved her head back up into me farther instead of down. Dr. P said that she had been having a strange gut feeling about my delivery anyways, and that she was very concerned about my blood pressure. I have also swelled greatly since yesterday. She is already calling me a mild pre-eclamptic. We were told to be prepared to deliver via C-section because she is not letting Jade stay in there much longer and that we will start coming every 3-4 days now instead of weekly. I am also to go straight to the hospital if I have a headache or start seeing stars. I am also suppose to take it very easy until Thursday. Just kinda relaxing so if you are coming to Jill's Pampered Chef party tomorrow night, I am going to be the best host ever... mainly because I won't be talking much. Ha! Lauren really wants Jade to come on Thursday because she will be here on the weekend and she wants to meet her! I don't blame her at all. We are very anxious to hold her and we want to have the safest delivery for me and Jade that we can.

So if my blood pressure isn't back down or if I still haven't made any progress than it looks like Thursday could be D day! But she said more than likely for sure Jade should be born by next Thursday the 1st of October. Be keeping us in your prayers, mainly that God will just make things right for us one way or the other, but it really wouldn't hurt my feelings too much to be able to hold her in my arms by Thursday night! :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maternity Pictures Today!

Well today we are going to take our maternity picture. Don't worry I am totally not showing any skin! EWWWWWW! That would not be a pretty picture to see at all. Literally! Hopefully they turn out AWESOME and that I won't look too fat! Ha!

If we get them today then I will totally post them tonight. I am excited about seeing them. I hope Kenny just cooperates well throughout them all. Bless his heart he HATES pictures. I told him that today was not about him and not about me but instead about Jade! I am however really bummed that my hands are so swollen today. I really want to have my rings on during the pictures since a lot of them will be just hands, but I can't fit them on. :-( Boo. Oh well, we know we are married maybe I can just photoshop them into the picture!

Today also marks 38 weeks! So super exciting! We have came a long way since January when we found out we were expecting. Now we are expecting her arrival any day. I am just so ready to meet her and hold her in my arms! We will post more tonight or Monday for sure! Another doctor's appointment. Let's pray there is some progress this time!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Doctor's appointment!

Today we are officially 19 days away from holding our little girl! I can't wait to see what she is going to look like! We have had a very great day today and I am enjoying spending each day with Kenny. It means a lot to me to be able to just get things done together.
So our doctor's appointment was good. I hadn't made any more progress, but the way I look at it is every day we are closer to the due date is technically progress! I was bummed at first, but I realize that she is perfectly healthy and doing great! Still a little squirt at around 6 pounds, but active and has a heartbeat that is strong as any boys ever will be! I was praised for losing 3 more pounds of fluid! Woo Hoo! Thank the Lord. I am still really swollen in the legs but I am doing good.

We are just so ready to see Jade and we are excited to make that phone call to let everyone know that it is finally time! WE go back to the doctor next Monday at 2:00. Bummer I know, we are so spoiled by having early appointments, but we will take what we get! Be praying hard! We just can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1st Weekly Appointment and Check! :-(

Well Tuesday was our first weekly check up. It went great. I had actually lost weight due to the fluid that was put on at the week prior's appointment and Dr. Partridge was so happy about me being able to get my blood pressure down some and the swelling off a little. I still however cannot wear my rings, but I think I could. I am scared they will cut them off of me and I don't want them ruined! Ha! Jade was getting closer to being near 6 pounds now which was great. Her little heart was beating well and we had an ultrasound just to confirm for sure that her little head was the first thing ready to come out on D-day! I didn't however get to see a new profile picture of her and that kinda sucked!

The exam went well, but I did not like that Group B Strep swab they preformed. As a matter of fact it hurt BAD! She said we didn't have any significant numbers of effacement or dialation, but that I more than likely would Monday at our next appointment. I actually think that she helped us a long a little after that appointment. I had some bleeding for the next 2 days! She said that now we are in the time frame of "any day now!" That made me very excited. I am very glad that our chickens sold Wednesday so that Kenny will be able to go with me to the rest of the appointments until she is born! That is only 3 weeks and 1 day! We cannot wait to hold Jade and dress her up in all of her adorable things! Be praying for a healthy and quick labor and delivery and for a healthy and happy little girl!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Updates from the doctor and our lives....

Ok, so I have gotten a little behind. Everytime I would get around to doing something things would work out to where I wouldn't be able to post anything, but now I officially have no excuse since I am a Stay at Home Mom now! Anyways, things are running right along. I can't believe that it is already 4 weeks and 2 days until Jade is suppose to be here. Time is really getting away from me, and hopefully I will feel better by tomorrow so I can get some stuff accomplished. It is crazy how quickly this pregnancy has gone. I know I say that everytime, but seriously it has FLOWN BY!

We went back to the doctor on Monday the 31st, and I didn't have a great appointment. As of 8 days ago, I started to get sick with allergies. Ewww, but expected this time of year for me. I always get hacky (if that is a term!). However by the time I finally got to go to the doctor it had changed into more than allergies and I am now getting over an Upper Respiratory Infection! It is horrible. But thank God I can take antibiotics. So that was the first big bummer for me! Secondly, my blood pressure had risen to 130/80-ish which isn't too terribly bad, but it caused concern from Dr. Partridge, Next I had gained 8 pounds in fluids in 2 weeks. It was horrible. My whole head was swollen and I mean it I thought I was going to die. I was actually told that she was glad that I had stopped working Friday because she was getting ready to write me off onto strict bedrest just so I wouldn't have to work. Ugh. So instead of waiting to go back to a 2 week appointment we are on our weekly ones. Dr. Partridge also guessed that Jade was around 4 and 1/2 pounds, which made me feel like I was a bad mom for her being so little, however Kenny did remind me that it was just a guess from feeling her from the outside. Plus, Dr. Partridge wasn't concerned at all about her being that size and that she figures she will just be a little girl. Bummer though because I want a healthy girl, not a teeny tiny baby. We are shooting for a 6 pound princess instead, which is likely she will be by the end of the month!

So, that is all the excitement so far, but I will be better at keeping this updated since I will have more to talk about since we go back weekly. Hopefully I will feel so much better tomorrow that I can actually get a bunch of housework done. I may just have to result to staying up later and sleeping in longer! Ha! Who knows, just be praying that Jade will be healthy, I will finish up with this nasty infection, and that we will be able to get everything done before she gets here! We go back to the doctor on Tuesday since Monday is Labor Day and I will post more then. At least I will have some indications of whether or not we are actually close to D-Day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

So Again, I Fail...

OK, I thought I was going to get better at posting some, however that proves to be wrong again! So... per my sister and Lenora's request I am going to update my blog FINALLY! I also am putting pictures at the end of it of all of my favorite Baby Jade things so far! I am just so excited and ready to meet her. 5 weeks and 5 days to go and I am counting down every second of it! Ha! We will start our 2 week appointments next Monday! It is so crazy how fast the first week has already gone! Yikes! She will be here before we know it! So without further ado, here are some of the things that I LOVE already that are Jade's!

Jade's super cute dress, shoes, and hairbow that Lenora got her!

This is her "Chicken House" dress as Kenny calls it! Complete with argyle leg warmers!

Jade's Halloween outfits! We don't know exactly what size she'll be so we got a newborn Flower and a 0-3 Month Pink Kitty! So super cute she may just have to wear both of them!

This may be one of my favorite outfits as well! Too cute for words!

This is the "coming home" outfit. I have 3 bow options for her. I need imput on which one matches the best!

Monday, July 27, 2009

9 weeks and 6 days to go...

So Saturday Jade was officially at the 30 week mark. I am so excited! I can't wait to hold that precious miracle. This past week I have experienced Braxton Hicks contractions. Well, let me tell you that I really understand what fake pains are. I remained at work all week though, so that made me feel better about myself! Ha!

I am currently in the stages of packing THE hospital bag. Just because What to Expect told me too! LOL! I totally trust that book with my life since I have NO clue as to what to expect! (no pun intended!) We are going to put the carseat in the Tahoe after our shower on Sunday just to be ready. Plus, who knows when she will decide to make her entrance into this world. Better prepared than not, that's the way I roll. I am a checklist freak, so you better believe I am working on that at the moment! I am also compiling a "who to call list". If you would like to be added, let me know! Jill is going to keep everyone updated through the cell phone/facebook I hope and hopefully it will be a quick labor! :) We are just so excited and ready and nervous, and all sorts of emotions. Well if you have any advice as to what to pack, let me know!

That's all the excitement for now! Oh, hope to see you at the Baby Shower next Sunday. 1-4 pm at the Marble United Baptist Church! Baby Jade Party as Julie calls it, and she thinks there will be party hats! Ha! Talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life is slowing down.... FINALLY!

Well... we finally have most of the busy summer activities over with! VBS was a GREAT SUCCESS! Jade loved it, she moved like crazy every night at church! I can't wait until next year so she will be up dancing around too! I remember how active Julie was at her first VBS and she was only 6 months old! Jade will be close to 9 months! How insane is that? I have been focusing a lot at night on how things are going to get so much better around our house in the next few months. We just can't wait to hold her and love on her. I know... I guess we are just so excited we actually sound ridiculous! I just pray that the next time we decide to have another baby we won't have to go through all of the problems we did with Jade. She truely is our little miracle and we are so blessed to have a doctor who cares about us enough to help us.

Anyways, I have a busy day full of cleaning to do today. I plan on at least starting on one end of the house and moving to the other end, top to bottom, until it is spotless! I'm sure however, that my husband will somehow manage to mess everything up again though. I'm already raising a toddler I think in that department! Ha! I promise more belly pictures to come, Kenny just isn't the best at taking them! Rounding in on the 30 week mark, and getting closer and closer to single digit week countdowns! Woo hoo! We can't wait!

Oh and our doctor's appointment went very well on Monday. Her heartrate was perfect, my stomach was measuring right between 29 and 30, and we go back the 18th of August, then the 25th for our Labor/Delivery class, then we go back the 31st for another appointment! How exciting! We are in the home stretch as Dr. Partridge calls it! Yay!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So I again fail at posting. I am stressing out so bad about things. I literally probably have 11 weeks worth of cleaning to do. I feel like I am not doing something right since I don't feel like I'm "nesting" Oh well. I am going to make myself I guess. Ha! Anyways... in other news. VBS is going great. I can't believe that the week is already almost over. Time flies when you have fun I guess. We have so far had an amazing group of kids. We started out slower this year 29 the first night, 36 the second night, and I'm egar to see how tonight goes. They are all having a blast and seem to be really enjoying what they are learning.

I dread going to the doctor on Monday, I am afraid she will be upset about how much weight I've gained. I haven't weighed at home at all because I don't see a point in upsetting myself, plus the scales there are always way off from ours. I think I may just be in one of those hormonal moods today. Pregnancy can be so hard sometimes! I love this little girl and all of her movements, but I don't like the cry baby I've become even more of!

I am getting very excited however for our baby shower that is in like 2 weeks! I am mailing invitations tomorrow so you should be getting them soon! Hopefully! Well I guess that's all I have to say. Vote on when Baby Jade will be here and see who will win the bragging rights of being the closest one! Ha!

We love you all!
Kenny, Becca, and Baby Jade

Monday, June 29, 2009

GEEZ... I suck at posting recently... oh and less than 100 days!!!!

OK, I feel terrible. I haven't posted since the 3rd of June! Yikes. I'm a slacker and my house shows for it too! Ahhh!!!!!!
Here at the Emitt household we have been EXTREMELY BUSY! We just got back from camping at the lake (where we had been since last Wednesday) and we are headed down to the River until Sunday. Busy, hot, and fun times! We've recently had a few milestones in our pregnancy:

1) We are now less than 100 days away from holding our little girl! Yay! That's less than 14 weeks!
2) Saturday, the 4th of July, will be our first day of our third trimester! Hooray!
3) on the 5th of June Kenny finally felt Jade move! (tears!)
4) Jade had the hiccups on the 10th
5) It is getting closer and closer to our baby shower! Yay! 5 weeks!

I am officially stressed out though... I have so much to accomplish in the next 2 weeks!
VBS starts at our church on the 13th of July. I feel like I am slacking this year because I've been too caught up in "Jade World" dare I say I've been a little jaded! :-) If I can just get that behind me I am sure I will feel a lot better, however I don't want to disappoint our church either. I'm taking my VBS stuff to the river so atleast I will have something to work on while I'm there. I also am trying to get a address list for the shower invitations ready for my sister! She is making the most adorable invitations. Here they are:

So you may not be able to read it very good, but it is cute I think. So my style, so that makes me proud. I'm just excited that My sister is so awesome at this kind of stuff. She is also making the cake! What a talented family I have! P.S.- This is an invite to you all who read my blog. Don't worry official invites will be sent, but consider yourselves lucky to be the firsts to get a glimpse at them! :-)

In other news... I am so excited about Lenora coming home tomorrow!!!!! Yay! I say Home, I guess technically Arkansas is not her home, but I am ECSTATIC that she will be here! She gets to find out what the baby is "hopefully" today! The time delay from Cali to Arkansas is KILLING me! I can't wait to go shopping with her when she gets home. yay!

Well I guess that's all that has been going on! I'll end the post with some of my favorite Jade things so far! (I can't wait to go register for the baby shower! Woo HOo!)

Her Tutu onesie! Larry Plumlee is already ready to take her pictures as soon as she's born!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our 3 year anniversary!

Well today is our 3 year anniversary! It's so crazy to think how fast time flies! It is just so much more special this year thanks to our little miracle! We are so in love with our little girl that it is hard to not just break down and cry every day when I pray and thank God above for finally answering our prayers! I have this little calendar thing on my desk called "Great Expectations" it's for new moms, well today I flipped it over and it said "Remember...Nothing you do for children is ever wasted." - Garrison Keillor I was sitting here just letting that sink in and I told Kenny last night that there won't be a day that goes by that Jade doesn't realize just how special she is to us both! All the fertility treatments, all the money spent in doctor's visits month after month, week after week, it was all so WORTH IT for this beautiful baby girl that we will meet! It is just so overwhelming the amount of love that I have for her already! Me and Kenny just are so amazed and blessed by what God is doing inside of my body right now!

God has truely blessed me with a wonderful Husband who is God fearing, nurturing, caring, successful, hard working, and the most loving person in the world! Kenny has always said that he knew he was going to marry me. He watched while all of the other boyfriends in my life came in and out, crushing my heart, and leaving me vulnerable. Kenny prayed for me to stay safe through all of the boyfriends, through the drinking problems, and the drug habits. God already had it in his plan to have me end up with him. If someone can really honestly tell me there isn't a God, they are crazy! One night out of the blue I called Kenny, drunk and messed up crying my eyes out. That was the first day of the rest of my new life. I straightened up, put God first in my life again, and started talking to Kenny every day. My life has been so amazing since that horrible night! God is amazing! I love what he does for me. I love that he is a gracious, forgiving God! I love that he sent me this man to care for me and our family! Thank you God for my husband, and thank you God for our amazing little girl! We are so blessed and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank him for this!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's A...


So Monday we found out that our little baby is a Girl! We were shocked but super excited! Kenny even was picking out dresses left and right! "Look how cute this is!" Ha! We are just so thrilled to know that she was so perfect and healthy. She just had her hands behind her head laying back and chilling out, all except for her little feet! They were going 90 to nothing! The ultrasound lady had a hard time getting her pictures of her feet, but don't worry they are HUGE! Along with her legs and arms... she is going to be a TALL girl!
We were measuring a week early too so they didn't officially change my due date, however Dr. Partridge did say that she expects Miss. Jade to come sometime between Middle September and will not go over our due date of the 9th of October! That just means we will get to meet her sooner!

In other news, she is currently weighing in at a whopping 12 oz. and was 7.5 inches long from her head to her bottom. They couldn't measure her whole body because she simply would not stay still. She rolled around, covered her head with her arms and was absolutely precious! I have always LOVED children, but now my heart is filled with so much greater of a love that I can't stand it! We are so ready to meet her, and Me and Kenny are just so proud of our little girl for being as healthy and happy as she is! She already is so spoiled and her closet is FULL of pink stuff and we haven't even had her shower yet! Ha! I'm determined for her to appreciate all colors however and we're working on greens and browns too!

Thank you for loving our little precious baby girl! I'm sure she will love all of you!
Love,Kenny, Becca, and baby Jade

Her HUGE feet!

Her Daddy decided that she needs to learn a little modesty! Looks like she is sitting on a sheet of glass and we're looking up at her! The ultrasound lady said no doubt about it.... GIRL!

We think that she is beautiful already!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Mother's Day...

Well let me tell you, celebrating my First Mother's Day was AMAMZING! I am so blessed! I actually felt so special Sunday that I could hardly stand it. Jannis made me a special Mother's day crossage:

I especially loved the little storks she put in it and the baby bottles! So creative! Ha! She also bought me a pink rose bush that I planted just to see how quickly it and our baby grows! Julie and Jill also bought me a crossage so I wore 2 that day! There's was precious also:

They also got me an adorable plaque for the baby's room that I plan on hanging up over the changing table! It says Mother's are a gift from above! It's perfect! It matches the nursery exactly too (with a hint of blue as Jill says!) They got me Hugs for New Moms book, a Wish for Baby token a windchime, & Great Expectations (thoughts for New Moms)!
Mom and Dad bought me some amazing earrings for Mother's Day! I LOVE THEM!
Kenny is buying me a grill for Mother's day and we still haven't picked out the one we want yet though, so it's not here, however he did buy the sweetest card I've ever seen and he wrote the nicest words I have ever read in it! He really is so good to me! I'm blessed to have such an amazing husband, wonderful family, and this little baby that is on the way!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Only 9 More WakeUps!!!!!

Wow... I'm counting down the days every single day! I can't WAIT to find out what this beautiful baby is! I just want to be able to call it by name instead of wow the Baby is moving a lot today or say Hey Kenny can you feel her or him kick? I'm ready to hold my little miracle in my hands! I am so blessed to be able to carry this child... you have no idea how much we love you already baby!

Getting excited about Mother's Day... I'll post more tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God has a wonderful plan... waiting is the key!

Well obviously we know a lot about waiting on God to supply us with our hearts desires. Anyways, I'm going to write this and just ask for your prayers. Pray that God will show me the path that I need to take. (Everything is fine with the baby, this is a Mommy request)! I'm so up in the air about things right now that I can't even see straight. I have turned everything all over to God and I know that His will will be done, however, I wasn't expecting this slap in the face! I'm going to have to pray a lot!

This is my unspoken prayer request! Please if you have time, just lift me up to the Lord and pray that his knowledge will pour down on me to where my eyes will be open and see His wonderful plan!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost 14 more Wake-ups!

I am going to go crazy waiting for the 18th to get here! I know that May is already flying by quickly... I can't believe tomorrow will be the 4th! I just want to make sure that everything is fine with our baby again! I mean I just find myself waiting until each doctor's appointment to just be told again that our baby is healthy and perfect! It's crazy how much your mind freaks out even more than usual when you're pregnant! Kenny I think is just as excited as I am about finding out what the baby is, however he keeps it in more than I do.

A few hours ago I sneezed REALLY Loud and hard and I started dying laughing! Evidentally our little booger didn't like it that I scared it to death! Hmmm... must have been sleeping and I woke it up! Sorry Bebe!

Tomorrow I am going to go shopping for cute things with Lenora and I can't wait. I have so much to do tomorrow that it probably won't be a very extensive trip, however I still want to spend as much time with her as I can since she will be going back to California soon! I love my best friend!

Anyways, I'm waiting on more laundry to get done and then I'm going to pick up some more and hit the sack! (Sorry Kenny that I can't stay up all night long with you, but I promise it's harder to sleep when I know you aren't even in the house! I LOVE SELLING CHICKENS, however I don't like the lonely night it holds!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

17 Weeks and Our Doctor's Appointment!

So tomorrow we will be 17 weeks and officially into our 5th month of pregnancy! Woo Hoo!!!!! How exciting! I'm just literally bouncing off the walls in the nursery ready to get stuff done in there! I must be an early nester! I mean I just want that room to be perfect! Crazy I know! Our baby is finally starting to grow body fat and not be just a little skeleton baby! (in the baby fat area it takes after it's mom! Sorry kid I hope you have your daddy's metabolisim!) It's hearing has actually started getting better and it can hear every word we say now! (Kenny and I said we would never fight in front of our kids so I guess that means now too! Ha!) We really are blessed and we thank God so much for our little baby!

Speaking of Baby... we had our doctor's appointment Monday and I finally got to hear the heartbeat! It was precious! Dr. Partridge and I figured that the baby was sleeping since it didn't move around at all and only took her just a few seconds to find it! She forgot to tell me the count, but I didn't even think to ask her since I was a little blown away by how precious it's first "noise" already was! Ha! She said that our baby was healthy and growing perfectly! We just can't wait to meet it! We scheduled our ULTRASOUND FOR MAY 18TH AT 8:00AM!!!!!! I can't WAIT! I informed the lady that I would be in the parking lot at 4:00am incase the girl wanted to come in early that day for some reason! Who am I kidding I'm not going to sleep at all the night before! I think that it's a boy and I took a gender predictor kit from Walgreens and it said BOY! Ha! There is the problem though... a for sure GIRL name, however having a seriously difficult time finding a boy name! Oh well!

Jeff and Holly Walker our friends finally had their little girl Alli yesterday! Hearing the play by play of her labor made me want to be the one giving birth too! Ha! I told Kenny and he said I just can't wait to go through that together! We just really want to hold our baby in our arms finally! When you have waited as long as we have for this baby... 9 months is LONG ENOUGH! Ha! We haven't got to go see little Alli yet, because we have HUGE chickens, but hopefully we will get to meet her soon enough! She is precious though from her pictures! Congrats guys!

And on another note.... another friend is expecting!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you!!!!! (You know who you are!!!!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nursery Progress!!!!!

Well today after waiting a while to finish painting... we finally added the rest of the border to the Nursery! It works out wonderful with the original paint that we had, even though now we are going to have to add some more Sweet Pea paint (we accidentally waited too long with having some of the blue painters tape on the wall and it peeled some of my original Sweet Pea off! Boo!) but all in all it looks GREAT!!!! Here are some pics!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15 Weeks and All of our Memories!

I am so proud of Kenny Emitt! He is the one who picked out THE bedding! We even ordered it and it has since came in. I am LOVING it! Last week my mom and Julie and Jill came over and helped me move the office into the hunting room! Well it worked out great because we actually organized as we went along so we have everything in it's place back there minus some little details like buying a BIG bookcase for all of my books and important folders for trainings. We will keep our little bookcase in the nursery even though it won't match the furniture at all, but it is a collection of all the books that I've ordered double of just in case one day we had a baby of our own.

I was talking to Kenny last night and we can't believe that come this November it would have been 2 years that we started trying to have a family. Thank God that we will have our own little one to hold come that time, but it made us really stop and thank God for his blessings. Not very many people realize the struggle that it had on our marriage, our relationships with other people, my own personal struggles with depression during the whole thing because it technically was a ME problem that was causing us to fail time after time.

We praise the Lord for such a wonderful doctor that I had the amazing opportunity to have ever since I started going for yearly check ups (shortly after I started seeing her, she quit taking patients!!! Hmmm!). I now realize that that was all in God's plan. Dr. Partridge is an AMAZING christian woman. I found out that when we were both Freshmen in College, we not only went to the same school, not only lived in the same dorm, but we also lived in the exact same ROOM!!!! Crazy I know! She helped me overcome the first round of problems that started at an early age. Later on I would find out that she herself couldn't have her children on her own. She was an infertility patient and her and her husband both are OBGYN'S. They knew the struggles but never thought they would have to go through them. After many unsuccessful treatments they finally have 2 beautiful kids through IN-VITRO. God had their plans already lined out too, but it takes a valley and a climb to see the glory. She helped me so much while I would go in month after month, through the tears (which she not only watched me cry, but cried with me herself), through the failed attempts, and finally through the getting pregnant stage. When Kenny met her for the first time, she didn't say a word, but when she walked through the door she started screaming and jumping up and down waving her arms in excitment. (How many doctors would actually do that now?). We truely are blessed to have her as our doctor. Every month when we see her she writes a note at the bottom of the sheet and says "Come back in however many weeks WITH ME!!!" (All caps!) Thank you God for our doctor!

Now as we start the 15 week stage, our little baby is around 4 1/2 inches long and weighs about the same size of a large navel orange. It's eyes are moving from side to side, it has more coordination, strength, and the smarts to wiggle it's fingers, toes, and even suck it's thumb! Awwww. It's breathing, sucking, and swallowing, and becoming more and more active by kicking, flexing, and moving it's arms and legs! What a cute BEBE as Julie calls it.

Everyone is saying it's a boy, but last night Jill had a dream that when we went in the doctor said it's a girl! Ha! Who knows. I am just so excited to be having a baby that we don't care what it is! We schedule that appointment in a couple of weeks and we're pushing for the first of May! Hopefully we'll get an early ultrasound! I'm going to put a poll up like Holly did for people to guess what we're having!

Monday, April 6, 2009


OK... so in order to compromise with the husband we officially set down this evening and chose our bedding. He decided (as thrifty as he is) that this would be a better value and grow with our child better! So he picked it out after I narrowed some down and we bought it tonight. It should arrive within the next few weeks! So excited! (Especially about the new site to store shipping that is FREE!)

I think what sold Kenny on it was the fact that it was named "Sweet Pea" and that's what he has always called me and when we were buying paint for our house, the office was painted in Sweet Pea (ironic that now it's the nursery and it is painted and bedding bought after the same name!) So here is the new and official (because it's paid for) Bedding!

I like it... Clean Cut Green and Brown! Perfect! (For a boy or girl!) So sweet!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting Antsy...

So I am pretty sure that I have offically felt the baby move a few times and I've come to the conclusion that it's very active. It's crazy to think but I am already so antsy and ready for October to get here that I can't even stand it. I guess that comes along with waiting so long to even get pregnant. I just beg the weeks to go by so fast that way I can make it to another doctors appointment! Ha! I have started looking like a pregnant person now, a little pooch has started coming out that I have NO control over. LOL. It is nice, but hard to believe at times. Sometimes I find myself really thinking... is there really truely something in there? I know I've felt it, I've seen it, the doctor's confirmed it, but I still am in disbelief. Crazy I know. It's hard to believe that already we are close to being through with April already (I know it's the 5th, but think of how quickly time flies!) According to a daily pregnancy calendar, we will be half way through our 4th month on Thursday. It's dates are a little off with our pregnancy ticker, but it is exactly right with weeks and days, I am not really sure how it works. Anyways, we will offically begin our 3rd trimester on Kenny's birthday. Wow I think that the reality of it coming "anyday" from that point on scared Kenny! Ha! Oh well. We are ready for this miracle that we've prayed for for so long. It will toally be worth it. On a different Note... Julie our niece is convinced it's a baby boy! Ask her what is on uncle Kenny's phone and she tells you... Baby Cousin, Baby Boy Emitt! Look at her getting so big by putting all those words together! LOL! Anyways, now everyone else thinks it's a boy, and I'm back to having no idea. I thought it was a boy for a long time, but now I just don't know. We'll see in a few more weeks! How exciting!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The New Baby Pictures!!!!!

Well this morning we were suppose to have our heartbeat appointment that we actually got to hear outloud! However... Little Baby Emitt was being a stinker and moved away from the doppler every time! (Dr. Partridge made sure and pointed out every "swish" that was it running away! LOL) Since she didn't get the heartrate, she wanted to do another ultrasound (which meant more pictures! Yay!) and that was fine with us! At that point I was panicing even though she said I hear it moving I am going to just look at it so I can get the heartrate! Anyways... we got in the room and as soon as she got the doppler on the baby she said (and I quote) "Wow... this baby is HUGE!" Great... now I know I am going to have a 10 pounder! LOL. It waved at us, showed us it's beautiful spine, praised the Lord (it shoved both hands up in the air at the same time!), grabbed the umbilical cord, and was going crazy! Then it put it's hands over it's eyes as to tell us, ok you guys are embarassing me! Kenny and I were amazed at the difference of our baby in 6 little weeks! It is crazy how fast they grow! It was neat to see Kenny though because he was over by the chair and then he said Can I go look at the screen! LOL! He just watched and laughed and was in awww... It was precious! We are thanking God so much still for our little blessing and now everyone thinks it's a boy... heartrate was 150. We shall see how it goes!

Here are the pics!

This one is of it's hands up in the air... the "Praise the Lord" stance!

This is one of it's hand flexed and waving "Hi Mommy and Daddy!"

And this one is of the CUTEST baby in the whole wide world! I personally think that it looks like me! LOL!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bedding Battle.....

Okay, so I'm already getting a little carried away, but I love to have a plan in mind and set, and then ready to follow through.... sooooo we've picked out some bedding sets that we LOVE! There are 2 options each in 3 different categories! A) Girl B) Boy C)Either/Multiples

Okay.... here they are and I want you guys to post which ones are your favorites!!!!





Let me know what you think! I'm so indecisive!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our First Baby Picture!

Isn't it precious! Ha!!! Well the big black blob is the sac and the little round ball inside of the sac is the yolk sac, and then if you will look ever so closely under the yolk sac, there our little bean is! It's pretty big actually! We got to see the little baby's heartbeating very fast and the doctor was so impressed by it's strong heartbeat! (Could be a sign of mulitples! It's still too early to tell... the doctor said that even around 5 months they most of the time diagnose it then! Weird!) Anyways, we should find out more when we go back for our Heartbeat appointment when we actually get to hear the heartbeat! It's getting more and more exciting and real to me every day! We were only 1 day off on our due date which is now October 9th, but I'm sticking with my 8th on our tickers because it is so close and I'm sure that it will change again soon! LOL! The doctor also said that our chances of now having a miscarriage (after seeing how strongly our little one wants to live by it's serious heartbeat) is only 1 percent! Praise the Lord! It was so neat to watch Kenny in the doctor's room with me! He just got so close to the ultrasound monitor that it made me want to cry. When we saw it's heart beating out of control I was like Thank you God... Thank you so much for finally giving us the desires of our heart! This pregnancy is already flying by faster and faster, however I'm excited because I just want to hold it or them in my arms! We should find out what we are having (boy/girl) sometime around my birthday in May! What a wonderful birthday present! Yay! Well I'll post the 2nd picture they took also, but thanks for being such great friends and loving us and our little baby already! Keep praying for us! We Love you all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks so much God!!!

Well I truely feel blessed beyond all reason! For starters we get to hear the heartbeat and see the little baby next Monday. I will be so READY for next week to be hear I may just go crazy! Anyways... the only pregnancy symptom that I have been experiencing is just some total tiredness! I feel so lucky because most people get so sick. I'm thanking God! I have had some heartburn also, but that's ok. I didn't even know what heartburn was until I got Pregnant! Ha! Anyways, I'll totally post the ultrasound picture that we get next Monday and then I'll be even more excited! Just continue to keep praying for Baby(ies) Emitt! We just know that God is going to let us meet it or them come Late September or early October!

God Bless!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Still In Shock...

Well it's still mind blowing that we are actually finally pregnant. Seriously... me and Kenny just find ourselves looking over at each other and just both being like... "Wow!" We have wanted this for so long, and now that it's here it's totally crazy to think that finally it's happened. We are just so excited. We've made a babysite too that we will be updating throughout everything and it's at www.babysites.com/theemitts2009. We mainly just put up pictures of our family members and then some of us! It's really fun. We are also talking to our photographer (Larry Plumlee) to see what we can do to do like a timeline of the pregnancy! It should be fun and exciting because Larry knows us so well. He's photographed most of my main things... senior pictures, family pictures, the wedding, etc. That's the updates so far.

Oh I had my first pregnancy symptom last night. EXHAUSTION! LOL!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayer Request

Well I just got back off the phone with the nurse a few minutes ago. She called to set up our Heartbeat and Ultrasound appointment for the 16th at 11:45. We are so excited. We can't wait to hear the baby and see a blob of a picture of it. It will be great! Kenny's afraid though that it will be bad because he is going to be so busy cleaning out our farm that maybe we won't get finished with that, but I told him there is NO WAY that he is missing this for sure!

But here is where the prayer request comes in...
She told me that my progesterone level was a 13.5. Which sent me into a panic because I had absolutetly no clue what was good or not and since I did know that that was the miscarriage level. Anyways I am starting a supplement that I have to "ummm how to say this nicely" "insert" every night until I am 11weeks along. She said not to panic because a 15 is where they normally don't medicate, and I was only 1.5 points away from there, but due to the previous problems we have had Dr. Partridge just wanted to be extra safe and make sure this baby makes it into this world. God bless that woman, however now I am a little rattled from a) not knowing exactly how to ummmm properly use the medication and b) praying that our baby will be ok. I tell you what this pregnancy thing is so scary. We have waited so long for this and then when you finally do get pregnant it's like you are constantly freaking out. My poor kid is going to be stressed out all the time! :-)

Anyways, please just pray for us that our little orange seed will be okay and that we'll make it through.

Love you all!

P.S.- Lynn I am so glad that you took Jamie's advice and started reading our blog! Thanks for the prayers! :-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drumroll Please!!!!.....

We are so happy! We are praising the Lord for what he has done for us. We just love how awesome God is. He's a merciful God who has finally answered our prayers!!!! We have an ultrasound next week so we can't wait!!!!! The HCG levels were really good around 216 I think or maybe it was 260 I don't really know I was crying at that point just because all the blood work so was great! LOL!

Please keep our baby in your prayers that everything will go great! We love you all so much!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sooo... much has been going on.

Well it's been a while, so I was up earlier than usual on a Sunday morning and thought I would just get up and put my thoughts down. Kenny's Uncle Gary Thompson passed away Wednesday night from liver and kidney failure. It made me grateful that we won't ever have to go through that because of our lifestyles. I really don't know where my mind is at this point in time so this may be totally scattered! Ha!

We're rounding up on the closing of another month and another time that we test to see if we will become parents. I've not felt real well since yesterday, but i am sure it is just all of the time that we've been spending trying to help and comfort friends and family members. Life can easily get you down sometimes.

Here are my prayer requests:

1) Please pray earnestly for me. I just need God to lift me up.
2) Pray that my parents will make it to and from Mexico safely.
3) Pray that God will continue to heal my Grandpa from his surgery.
4) Pray that my friend Jennifer will have strength. They have screened her for ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uteren cancer, the works and they won't have the tests until Tuesday. She really needs the prayers.
5) Pray that things will just get better for us in general!

Happy Sunday morning and I pray that everyone is doing well.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update on Wednesday's appointment...

Well the doctor was impressed by how much 1 of the 2 follicles had grown. She gave me a shot of HCG again to make super positive that I will ovulate and told me to work very hard... LOL! So tonight I am preparing a special Candlight dinner for me and Kenny complete with sparkling grape juice! LOL! Then I have everything prepared for no stress evening! We shall see if this will help us this month! Be Praying!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I think that I'm beginning to become accustomed to Ultrasounds...

I had my 5th Ultrasound today... It's not one that they scan over your belly if ya know what I mean. I've always heard so many people talk about how horrible they are, but once you've had 5 going on 6 Wednesday you get used to it. The doctor actually was very excited today. She said I have TWO HUGE follicles on the right side so we're praying twins! Ha! Everything looked great. She wants me to come in on Wednesday morning to get another shot of HCG and to make sure that these eggies get fertilized! Be praying so hard for us. I'm really not supersticious (sp?) but according to the age old ring test we will have twins first, and this is the first time that I've ever had 2 eggs show up at all. That gives me hope, but I'm trying not to get too excited granted the only evidence is the 2 eggs and an old wives tale! :-) anyways, I'll let you know how the doctor's appointment goes this Wednesday! Please pray SOOOOOOOOO hard for us. It's been a long long long LONG road and we're ready to see some light at the end of the tunnel!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Doctor Round 4... Ding Ding Ding

So.... tomorrow I go to the doctor yet again to have another ultrasound. Puke... I really am getting sick of going to the doctor for no logical reason at all. Well you know we've been doing the Love Dare from Fireproof and the other nights dare was to ask your spouse to name 3 things that sorta annoy them about you and to just take it in with no anger but to think about and meditate on so you can work on changing them. So I prayed about it all day dreading it because I knew it was going to be tough to hear. That night came and here goes Kenny: yada yada yada yada yada yada and last but not least, he tells me that he never really wanted to me take the Femara for fertility because he was concerned about it messing with my body. HELLO..... why wasn't this brought to my attention 4 months ago. Geez. I then proceeded to try and "calmly" explain that I just took the doctor's advice because she knew what was best... after all she herself couldn't have her own children without Invitro Fertilization. So I had been really worried about my Grandpa all day anyways due to his heart surgery and then I felt like Kenny didn't even think that it was worth worrying about that we weren't getting pregnant. It kinda hurt my feelings because he made it sound like a year and 4 months wasn't very long at all to be trying and I realize that there are a lot of people who try for years (my boss didn't get a child until after 11 years of trying and that was adoption and then it had been 15 years total by the time she finally had her own baby! I'm afraid I would have gone crazy!) but still it hurt my feelings. I know i was just being selfish, but I think that men don't really understand how emotional it is to try and then wait for the end of the month to just be disappointed time after time. They really don't have to do anything other than "the deed." It's not their bodies that go through all the mess either. They get to enjoy getting excited and ready for the baby to come, but not the pains and other stuff that comes with pregnancy or trying to get pregnant for that matter! Men just don't understand! I pray that God will give Kenny just a little insight into the emotions and pain that comes with us trying to have a baby. Maybe then he would understand just a little of how hard it truely is.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 3 of the Love Dare...

Ok, first and foremost let me get this off my chest so that I won't break the Love Dare rules when Kenny gets home... So I'm at church right and I'm so pumped about our new TeamKID material and I'm all studying God's word and getting pumped about all of the things that I am planning for our youth for the upcoming future, when I am sharing this stuff someone has the nerve to be all like "well I think that's a little ridiculous!" I just don't get why people get so snippy when you are actually trying to work for the Lord and cut you down and make you feel like you really aren't doing what the Lord calls you to do just because they are jealous that they aren't running the show! Ugh... anyways, I don't know if that made a lick of sense, but I'm glad it's off my chest because now I won't break the rules!

Back to my real post. So days 1-3 have focused on not saying anything negative at all to your spouse! Well that is being tested today due to the previous rant above. You really don't realize how much you vent to your poor helpless spouse when you have a bad day. I mean Kenny doesn't even say Hello much of the time before I'm all... Ugh you can't believe what happened to me today... yada yada yada. Well our house has been negativity free and it's awesome. I'm just glad that he went to the ballgames tonight so I could vent before I talked to him. Today's dare was to continue the anti-negativity thing and to also buy your spouse something out of the blue just to say "I was thinking about you today!" Well since Huntsville Wal-mart is kinda crappy all I could come up with was a North American Whitetail magazine and a card that really says how much I love him! He LOVES North American Whitetail magazine so I hope that he is shocked that I even thought to buy him one. (He rarely gets them, and only when he thinks about it!) So I hope that he appreciates being thought of!

Anyways, I feel so much better now and I'll quit the rambling. Be praying for us. I have to go back to the doctor on the 12th at 1:00 to have another ultrasound! I sware if I don't literally have something to look at on an ultrasound soon (other than blobs that they say are eggs) I will cry! Ha! Just praying that everything still looks good and that I'm still responding to the medicine! Thanks for being such good friends and for caring!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I don't do resolutions, but....

This year I am making a list of "resolutions" these are actually things that I would just like to strive to accomplish.....

1) I want first and foremost to strive to be closer to God each and every day. I want to be the christian that I feel inside and show it to others on the outside.

2) I am going to kick my weightwatchers into gear. I've decided that if I focus on something other than just normal things I will be more likely to succeed!

3) I am starting The Love Dare from the movie Fireproof. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have it already pre-bought because I LOVED Facing the Giants. If you haven't seen Facing the Giants than you need too. It will give you inspiration and know that with God ALL things are possilbe. (Plus it's exactly what Kenny and I are going through right now in our own personal lives... maybe not the football season, but everything else that they go through!) I want to make sure that our marriage is truely God centered and that I do everything I can to make sure that He sees the love and respect that I have for him constantly. I already show him these things, but for instance... Day 1: Love is Patient you are suppose to not say one negative thing towards your spouse all day long (even if it is about work, friends, life, etc.) This is going to be easy since I'm not dealing with Parents today! LOL!

4) Next, I resolve to study and prepare myself more for my Youth Program. That means more time to dig into the Bible and really reflect on God's word and what I'm teaching along with it, be it Team K.I.D.'s material or just plain Sunday School Curriculum!

5) Last but not least, I resolve to take more time for myself, be it by alone time to just read my bible and meditate on the things that God has given me for the day, a trip to the grocery store by myself so I can just praise the Lord through my music, or to just simply buy myself a new shirt once in a while! (That is after I lose some weight! :) Ha!) I just think that sometimes we get so caught up in all of the other things in life that we tend to forget about our own selves!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a Week...

Well... geez! Where to begin! Well obviously our New Year's started off with a bang! Literally! We shot skeet on new years day... over 500 shells were shot. (Not even joking! 100 were my own! Ouch!) We had a blast.

New Year's day also brought an unexpected guest! Girls... you guessed it! AF showed her ugly face and crushed yet another month's dream of becoming parents. Life sometimes isn't fair it seems! I started another round of Femara so this is month 4. They stop you on month 5. I don't know where we will go from there if it takes another month. If it is In Vitro Fertilization, Kenny and I can't financially make that decision. We have totally put our prayers and dreams of becoming parents into the hands of God. We know that children are a blessing (the Bible tells us so!), and we also know that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts and that He will bless us with those desires if He sees fit. We know that God will give us children, we just know that, it's just a matter of when He sees it fit. That's the hard part. It's not unusual for us to be impatient and "Human" about things. We can't help but be selfish and want things that others have (i.e. children) but I also think that our Lord is an understanding Lord who felt the same emotions we feel because after all, Jesus was human too. The Bible says that Jesus hurt, cried, smiled, laughed, and felt all normal human feelings. I think that maybe the Lord is testing us... our patience, our faith, our commitment to our marriage and to each other, our Love, etc. The Lord won't give us more than we can handle, but there are times (especially at the end of month after month!) that I just pray and cry and tell the Lord... God I will love you even if you choose not to give us kids, but God just let this hurt be eased. After we lost the baby in July, I finally came to peace with it. I knew that something terrible would have been wrong with it and that God knew that I couldn't have handled it. The Lord has a funny way of dealing with things, but they are always for our best intrest. I just pray that soon God will give us our miracle, and I know that our children are up in heaven waiting for God to say... "okay, it's time to go meet your parents!" in my mind that's how things work. The Lord already has our children with him just waiting for the opportunity to say okay, I think that you're parents are going to be ready to meet you on Earth. That's comforting to me, to know that God already has it all planned. (Sometimes I just wish he would hurry it up already! Ha!)

Prayers are needed for us.... prayers for patience and love, for faith and for courage, prayers for hope and for healing.

Also this week, my Grandpa had open heart surgery to have a valve replaced that was placed there 19 years ago. He made it through the surgery just fine (Praise Jesus!) I was deeply concerned a few weeks ago when they said he was going to have to have the valve replaced, mainly because him and my Grandma weren't saved. I was so scared something would go wrong and he wouldn't have had time to make peace with God. We've been praying for years for them to come to church and finally they started coming. Well 3 weeks ago tomorrow BOTH of my grandparents were saved!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! We were so happy, and it just proves that God is still on the throne! He still listens and answers prayers (that gave us hope that He would soon answer our prayers about children!!) . He's healing well and now it is just going to take a lot of recovery and down time. (I thought that this was an awesome PRAISE report!)

I hope that the new year will bring everyone blessings and a chance to strive to get closer to God.

Now off to bed to get ready for Julie's 2nd birthday tomorrow! :'-( She's growing up so fast!