Wednesday, April 29, 2009

17 Weeks and Our Doctor's Appointment!

So tomorrow we will be 17 weeks and officially into our 5th month of pregnancy! Woo Hoo!!!!! How exciting! I'm just literally bouncing off the walls in the nursery ready to get stuff done in there! I must be an early nester! I mean I just want that room to be perfect! Crazy I know! Our baby is finally starting to grow body fat and not be just a little skeleton baby! (in the baby fat area it takes after it's mom! Sorry kid I hope you have your daddy's metabolisim!) It's hearing has actually started getting better and it can hear every word we say now! (Kenny and I said we would never fight in front of our kids so I guess that means now too! Ha!) We really are blessed and we thank God so much for our little baby!

Speaking of Baby... we had our doctor's appointment Monday and I finally got to hear the heartbeat! It was precious! Dr. Partridge and I figured that the baby was sleeping since it didn't move around at all and only took her just a few seconds to find it! She forgot to tell me the count, but I didn't even think to ask her since I was a little blown away by how precious it's first "noise" already was! Ha! She said that our baby was healthy and growing perfectly! We just can't wait to meet it! We scheduled our ULTRASOUND FOR MAY 18TH AT 8:00AM!!!!!! I can't WAIT! I informed the lady that I would be in the parking lot at 4:00am incase the girl wanted to come in early that day for some reason! Who am I kidding I'm not going to sleep at all the night before! I think that it's a boy and I took a gender predictor kit from Walgreens and it said BOY! Ha! There is the problem though... a for sure GIRL name, however having a seriously difficult time finding a boy name! Oh well!

Jeff and Holly Walker our friends finally had their little girl Alli yesterday! Hearing the play by play of her labor made me want to be the one giving birth too! Ha! I told Kenny and he said I just can't wait to go through that together! We just really want to hold our baby in our arms finally! When you have waited as long as we have for this baby... 9 months is LONG ENOUGH! Ha! We haven't got to go see little Alli yet, because we have HUGE chickens, but hopefully we will get to meet her soon enough! She is precious though from her pictures! Congrats guys!

And on another note.... another friend is expecting!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you!!!!! (You know who you are!!!!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nursery Progress!!!!!

Well today after waiting a while to finish painting... we finally added the rest of the border to the Nursery! It works out wonderful with the original paint that we had, even though now we are going to have to add some more Sweet Pea paint (we accidentally waited too long with having some of the blue painters tape on the wall and it peeled some of my original Sweet Pea off! Boo!) but all in all it looks GREAT!!!! Here are some pics!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15 Weeks and All of our Memories!

I am so proud of Kenny Emitt! He is the one who picked out THE bedding! We even ordered it and it has since came in. I am LOVING it! Last week my mom and Julie and Jill came over and helped me move the office into the hunting room! Well it worked out great because we actually organized as we went along so we have everything in it's place back there minus some little details like buying a BIG bookcase for all of my books and important folders for trainings. We will keep our little bookcase in the nursery even though it won't match the furniture at all, but it is a collection of all the books that I've ordered double of just in case one day we had a baby of our own.

I was talking to Kenny last night and we can't believe that come this November it would have been 2 years that we started trying to have a family. Thank God that we will have our own little one to hold come that time, but it made us really stop and thank God for his blessings. Not very many people realize the struggle that it had on our marriage, our relationships with other people, my own personal struggles with depression during the whole thing because it technically was a ME problem that was causing us to fail time after time.

We praise the Lord for such a wonderful doctor that I had the amazing opportunity to have ever since I started going for yearly check ups (shortly after I started seeing her, she quit taking patients!!! Hmmm!). I now realize that that was all in God's plan. Dr. Partridge is an AMAZING christian woman. I found out that when we were both Freshmen in College, we not only went to the same school, not only lived in the same dorm, but we also lived in the exact same ROOM!!!! Crazy I know! She helped me overcome the first round of problems that started at an early age. Later on I would find out that she herself couldn't have her children on her own. She was an infertility patient and her and her husband both are OBGYN'S. They knew the struggles but never thought they would have to go through them. After many unsuccessful treatments they finally have 2 beautiful kids through IN-VITRO. God had their plans already lined out too, but it takes a valley and a climb to see the glory. She helped me so much while I would go in month after month, through the tears (which she not only watched me cry, but cried with me herself), through the failed attempts, and finally through the getting pregnant stage. When Kenny met her for the first time, she didn't say a word, but when she walked through the door she started screaming and jumping up and down waving her arms in excitment. (How many doctors would actually do that now?). We truely are blessed to have her as our doctor. Every month when we see her she writes a note at the bottom of the sheet and says "Come back in however many weeks WITH ME!!!" (All caps!) Thank you God for our doctor!

Now as we start the 15 week stage, our little baby is around 4 1/2 inches long and weighs about the same size of a large navel orange. It's eyes are moving from side to side, it has more coordination, strength, and the smarts to wiggle it's fingers, toes, and even suck it's thumb! Awwww. It's breathing, sucking, and swallowing, and becoming more and more active by kicking, flexing, and moving it's arms and legs! What a cute BEBE as Julie calls it.

Everyone is saying it's a boy, but last night Jill had a dream that when we went in the doctor said it's a girl! Ha! Who knows. I am just so excited to be having a baby that we don't care what it is! We schedule that appointment in a couple of weeks and we're pushing for the first of May! Hopefully we'll get an early ultrasound! I'm going to put a poll up like Holly did for people to guess what we're having!

Monday, April 6, 2009


OK... so in order to compromise with the husband we officially set down this evening and chose our bedding. He decided (as thrifty as he is) that this would be a better value and grow with our child better! So he picked it out after I narrowed some down and we bought it tonight. It should arrive within the next few weeks! So excited! (Especially about the new site to store shipping that is FREE!)

I think what sold Kenny on it was the fact that it was named "Sweet Pea" and that's what he has always called me and when we were buying paint for our house, the office was painted in Sweet Pea (ironic that now it's the nursery and it is painted and bedding bought after the same name!) So here is the new and official (because it's paid for) Bedding!

I like it... Clean Cut Green and Brown! Perfect! (For a boy or girl!) So sweet!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting Antsy...

So I am pretty sure that I have offically felt the baby move a few times and I've come to the conclusion that it's very active. It's crazy to think but I am already so antsy and ready for October to get here that I can't even stand it. I guess that comes along with waiting so long to even get pregnant. I just beg the weeks to go by so fast that way I can make it to another doctors appointment! Ha! I have started looking like a pregnant person now, a little pooch has started coming out that I have NO control over. LOL. It is nice, but hard to believe at times. Sometimes I find myself really thinking... is there really truely something in there? I know I've felt it, I've seen it, the doctor's confirmed it, but I still am in disbelief. Crazy I know. It's hard to believe that already we are close to being through with April already (I know it's the 5th, but think of how quickly time flies!) According to a daily pregnancy calendar, we will be half way through our 4th month on Thursday. It's dates are a little off with our pregnancy ticker, but it is exactly right with weeks and days, I am not really sure how it works. Anyways, we will offically begin our 3rd trimester on Kenny's birthday. Wow I think that the reality of it coming "anyday" from that point on scared Kenny! Ha! Oh well. We are ready for this miracle that we've prayed for for so long. It will toally be worth it. On a different Note... Julie our niece is convinced it's a baby boy! Ask her what is on uncle Kenny's phone and she tells you... Baby Cousin, Baby Boy Emitt! Look at her getting so big by putting all those words together! LOL! Anyways, now everyone else thinks it's a boy, and I'm back to having no idea. I thought it was a boy for a long time, but now I just don't know. We'll see in a few more weeks! How exciting!