Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just One of Those Days...

Well last night was a nightmare! Jade would NOT go to sleep! Granted, Kenny will NOT let her sleep any where but in our bed, every time we tried to lay her down she screamed! As soon as I held her though she went right to sleep. After hours of trying to convince Kenny that Jade wanted her own space and that she would do great in the pack n' play, I gave up and took her into the living room, placed her in her bouncy seat, and slept on the floor beside her. Now I am paying for the floor with a very stiff back. Needless to say if this happens tonight.... I PROMISE I WILL WIN THE FIGHT!

On a happier note, we took Jade to have her pictures taken at Ms. Carolyn's today and she did AWESOME. The little girl is amazing. She even held her head up for a much longer period of time today with some help getting her situated! I can't wait for 2 weeks so we can see them printed.

I don't know what's wrong with me here lately... maybe it's just my bad day last night, but it was horrible. I feel like I am just a nanny taking care of Kenny's child and cleaning his house. I don't feel appreciated at all. His argument for not wanting her to sleep in the pack n' play is because he can't touch her or hug her whenever he wants in the middle of the night. Well... you don't do that that often anyways, and I don't see him getting up with her to make her bottle and change her diaper at 4:00am anyways. Ugh. I just want to be told that I am appreciated and loved every now and then. Blah... sorry I am just down in the dumps I suppose.

I hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. It is creeping up on us for sure! L0ve to everyone and if you have a chance say a prayer that I will be uplifted!