Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More sleep PLEASE!

I don't remember being this exhausted with Ryan. I do remember being sleepy with Jade but seriously I'm EXHAUSTED. Yes I'm sure having an almost 3 year old and an almost 2 year old will wear a person out but Come on! Wow! I'm sure no one cares about any of this crap that I write about but quite frankly no one wants to hear me talk about it either so I will just put it in writing and read if you like or just pass on.

Geez I feel like such a hag today. Blah.

On to more interesting things... today I had to run to the Senior Center to pick up the key for our Pampered Chef Mega Party tonight. My ex boyfriend's mom was working there and I of course had the kids with me. We are neighbors now and everytime I see her son on the road I want to run him off of it. (why does that make me laugh out loud?) Anyways she tells the kids how I was always up at their house and that they need to come and play on their playground sometime. Seriously? (As I'm sitting there with a forced grin on my face) Seriously?!! Oh geez it's not like Kenny is worried about me running off with this scum (he is married after all FINALLY) but Lord. That's just what I want my daughter (who is quite brilliant if I do say so myself) to be going around telling people (Which she does ALL the time. i.e. "My baby sister is my daddy's fault!" Yes, that's my daughter! Geez!). Anyways, never a dull moment is saying it mildly.

Interesting Fact for the day: I'm officially 23 weeks fat, I mean pregnant today. She's the size of a Papaya and kicks me constantly. Funny pregnancy moment: Jade laying down on the couch with me and Kinley kicking her on her tummy. "Momma, (with a very serious face) is my baby sister in my Belly??" "No Jade she just kicked you!" "Oh! Tickle, Tickle Baby Sister!" Melts my heart! In other pregnancy related news, Tomorrow is my glucose test. I'm so stinkin' excited about it - said no woman ever! Hopefully that will work out just fine. I really do look forward to going to my obgyn. She's AMAZING! We've seriously been blessed with a great doctor!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best Day EVER! Ha!

Yesterday was very eventful. I noticed on Friday that I was having a terrible cramp in my stomach that lasted for just a little while and would come and go. They actually got so painful at one point though that I was getting sick and ended up being sick all night long with them.

I ended up calling the doctor's office and they told me to get to labor and delivery ASAP! I failed to mention that My husband was 45 mintues away in a tree stand so I had to call him (he wasn't upset though thankfully) and he rushed home to get me there. Blood tests, a lovely cervix check by a female and her tag a long 20ish year old buddy, multiple blood tests and urinalysis later we find out that I have a UTI (being a woman ROCKS!) that is double the amount a normal one is which is causing my contractions. Ugh. Dehydration also was partially the cause of it all too.

Anyways as soon as I got out of the ER we had to book it back to Marble to meet the dealer with our new ranger. Could the day have been any better?

Geez. Needless to say we stayed home from church today so I could rest/drink as much water as possible/clean my house. I'm sure the doctor wouldn't mind. Thankfully Kenny has done all the heavy lifting and has promised to watch the kids so I can take a nap this afternoon. We will see how the last bit goes.

The BEST part of yesterday... being so knocked out by my meds from the doctor that I slept through the WHOLE HOGS GAME. So glad that happened! Wow!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh My Oh My...

Geez... Seeing as I haven't posted in almost a year lots and LOTS of things have changed. I did successfully lose 100 pounds like I was blogging about! Then 2 months later I found out I was pregnant with baby #3! Nice right? I guess I should have had better control over my new found "self-esteem." Anyways, we are very excited (finally after crying, worrying, panicking, etc) to be welcoming Miss Kinley into our lives this January.

We are buying more land and hopefully breaking ground very VERY soon on a new house! Obviously we are going to need more room with this little miracle joining our clan!

I have felt like this past year I was needing to be super woman. I was trying to keep my family together through the loss of my Grandpa, everyone was depressed and stressed and it literally felt like everything was falling apart. Life obviously isn't easy without Gramps here any more and I miss him like crazy every single day still but I know he is in a better place.
This was the last picture I ever took with my Gramps. This was Christmas day and I literally wish I could go back to this time so much.

We also Celebrated Ryan's 1st Birthday the day before Gramps passed away so I suppose when I prayed to God that he would allow Gramps to see Ryan's 1st year of life he took me very literal. I dread seeing his birthday come around this year but I know we will have another special blessing to look forward to around that time as well. Maybe God knew our family needed Kinley to bring some joy in our lives in January.
Ryan Turns 1!!!
Alright done with the depressing stuff now... We found out we were pregnant in May of this year and life has been pretty slow up until now. We just got back from taking the kids to Disney World a couple weeks ago! We had a BLAST!!!! Jade asked Kenny today if we could go back tomorrow! :) I see Disney being a yearly thing (or I hope so anyways!).
 We stopped at Daytona Beach the night before we checked in at Disney! The Kids LOVED it!

 Jade ate up the Princess dinners! She was so impressed!
 Merida from Brave or "Grave" as Jade calls it!
 Is this NOT the sweetest picture EVER!!!! Ahh I just LOVE it!

And of course there had to be a Mickey and Minnie picture right?!
We took several SEVERAL more but those I will save for another time. The next weeked back from Disney we went to Lake of the Ozarks for a golfing weekend/shopping weekend. Needless to say I'm pooped! Being pregnant (or looking like a fat cow in my pictures actually) is hard work especially while traveling! LOL!
I suppose that's enough rambling for the day and I know I live a very boring life but blogging is what is going to keep me sane while I deal with getting ready to become a Mommy to three sweeties, the stress of building a new home, and all of life's other ups and downs! :) Enjoy!