Monday, September 28, 2009

Only 3 Days Until Our Little Girl Is HERE!!!!

Well we went back to the doctor again this morning and low and behold NO PROGRESS! Go figure. I was actually talking to Jannis about it and she said that people like me back in the older times before they knew what to do about no progress babies were the ones who died! Scary... i think so! So we went and scheduled our C-Section.
We will be welcoming Jade into this world on Thursday, October 1st, 2009 at 3:00 in the afternoon! I have to go back to Willow Creek tomorrow at 1:30 for blood work just to make sure my levels are great (clotting wise) and to run tests for other things. It is so close I can feel it! I am so excited and a little nervous, but I know that God wanted it this way or it wouldn't have happened.

I also am going to spend the day tomorrow with my Mom and Aunt Deloris. I have a hair appointment at 10:00, then we will go to the hospital to get my blood drawn, then off to NuNails for pedicures. I need something done with my poor feet and legs! Ha! I also have to get some last minute things from Wal-Mart before the big day! I am just so excited and so ready to hold my little girl, even though her Daddy is going to be the one who holds her for a couple hours at least, I am going to get her when I go into recovery and you better believe that I am not going to let her go for a long LONG LONG time! :-)

Be praying for us, and come and visit Jade Allison if you want too!

Friday, September 25, 2009

6 Days Until Jade Allison arrives!!!!!! Crunch Time!

OK, so my blood pressure has been going crazy! Wednesday we had to actually go into the doctor to have it checked. It went through the roof for me 150/88. Yikes. I even had traces of protein in my urine at that check so we were sent down to Labor and Delivery to be hooked up to the monitors for an hour and a half! It was boring and made my back hurt so bad. Anyways, we were told to go ahead and keep our appointment for Thursday and we would discuss stuff more in depth then. Turns out I have a serious Bladder infection on top of all that. (Obviously it isn't that bad or I would have figured it out already! Oh well.) When we go in yesterday for our regular appointment she checked me again and still NO PROGRESS! Jade is a stubborn little girl. My pelvis is actually narrowing instead of widening and she says there is absolutely no way I can deliver her regularly. She is very anti C-Section, but that is our only option right now. So we go back to the doctor at 8:45 Monday morning to schedule our time for Jade's birthday. She is coming Thursday October 1st for sure. We just don't know when yet. It will more than likely be an early morning thing though before Dr. Partridge's regular appointments start. I am so glad that she is the one doing the C-Section, but very sad that I won't get to experience real delivery. Another sad thing is that Kenny will get to hold her immediately and I won't get to for a good while. Hopefully though we can all get some pictures taken with her and Dr. Partridge right after she's born and Kenny still can cut the umbilical cord (that is if he feels up to it since he will have to see the incision on me... he's still deciding!) God has truely blessed us with this little miracle, and we know that he will make everything smooth and calm for us next Thursday! We cannot wait to hold our little miracle and we are in shock that it is coming so soon! 6 more days!!!!!!!!
Be praying for us that Kenny first of all will be able to handle the demands that a C-Section puts on a husband/new dad, Me that I will heal quickly and that I will be able to rock and roll as soon as possible, and for Jade that she will be perfectly healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes and that she is beautiful and happy!

We love you all and will keep you posted on Monday about our scheduled time and what proceedures we will be going through.

P.S.- Baby Danny is here!!!!! He was born Wednesday September 23rd at 7:18pm. 7lbs. 7 oz. 21 inches long! He is precious! Looks just like Lonnie Gene! (Except no hair! Ha!) We love you guys and can't wait for Jade and Danny to meet! Katie and Lonnie Gene did so well! He's a keeper for sure!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Doctor's Appointment and MEGA updates!

Well I guess all we can say is we are sure glad that we had our maternity pictures made Saturday. It looks like they were taken just in the nick of time. We were 38 weeks Saturday and Jade is doing great!

Here goes all the exciting/semi-scary news... Today we had our regular weekly appointment. I noticed when she took my Blood pressure it was higher than normal. 140/84. Super high for me, but not really that crazy high. When we got called back almost immediately I should have figured something out. As soon as our nurse came in she checked my blood pressure again and this time it was higher than a few minutes ago. 144/86. Ugh. I had to lay down and wait on the table. By this time Kenny is about to panic anyways. She proceeds to check it a couple more times and it finally was down to 138/84. Anyways, Dr. P checks me out and guess what NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Jade had actually moved her head back up into me farther instead of down. Dr. P said that she had been having a strange gut feeling about my delivery anyways, and that she was very concerned about my blood pressure. I have also swelled greatly since yesterday. She is already calling me a mild pre-eclamptic. We were told to be prepared to deliver via C-section because she is not letting Jade stay in there much longer and that we will start coming every 3-4 days now instead of weekly. I am also to go straight to the hospital if I have a headache or start seeing stars. I am also suppose to take it very easy until Thursday. Just kinda relaxing so if you are coming to Jill's Pampered Chef party tomorrow night, I am going to be the best host ever... mainly because I won't be talking much. Ha! Lauren really wants Jade to come on Thursday because she will be here on the weekend and she wants to meet her! I don't blame her at all. We are very anxious to hold her and we want to have the safest delivery for me and Jade that we can.

So if my blood pressure isn't back down or if I still haven't made any progress than it looks like Thursday could be D day! But she said more than likely for sure Jade should be born by next Thursday the 1st of October. Be keeping us in your prayers, mainly that God will just make things right for us one way or the other, but it really wouldn't hurt my feelings too much to be able to hold her in my arms by Thursday night! :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maternity Pictures Today!

Well today we are going to take our maternity picture. Don't worry I am totally not showing any skin! EWWWWWW! That would not be a pretty picture to see at all. Literally! Hopefully they turn out AWESOME and that I won't look too fat! Ha!

If we get them today then I will totally post them tonight. I am excited about seeing them. I hope Kenny just cooperates well throughout them all. Bless his heart he HATES pictures. I told him that today was not about him and not about me but instead about Jade! I am however really bummed that my hands are so swollen today. I really want to have my rings on during the pictures since a lot of them will be just hands, but I can't fit them on. :-( Boo. Oh well, we know we are married maybe I can just photoshop them into the picture!

Today also marks 38 weeks! So super exciting! We have came a long way since January when we found out we were expecting. Now we are expecting her arrival any day. I am just so ready to meet her and hold her in my arms! We will post more tonight or Monday for sure! Another doctor's appointment. Let's pray there is some progress this time!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Doctor's appointment!

Today we are officially 19 days away from holding our little girl! I can't wait to see what she is going to look like! We have had a very great day today and I am enjoying spending each day with Kenny. It means a lot to me to be able to just get things done together.
So our doctor's appointment was good. I hadn't made any more progress, but the way I look at it is every day we are closer to the due date is technically progress! I was bummed at first, but I realize that she is perfectly healthy and doing great! Still a little squirt at around 6 pounds, but active and has a heartbeat that is strong as any boys ever will be! I was praised for losing 3 more pounds of fluid! Woo Hoo! Thank the Lord. I am still really swollen in the legs but I am doing good.

We are just so ready to see Jade and we are excited to make that phone call to let everyone know that it is finally time! WE go back to the doctor next Monday at 2:00. Bummer I know, we are so spoiled by having early appointments, but we will take what we get! Be praying hard! We just can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1st Weekly Appointment and Check! :-(

Well Tuesday was our first weekly check up. It went great. I had actually lost weight due to the fluid that was put on at the week prior's appointment and Dr. Partridge was so happy about me being able to get my blood pressure down some and the swelling off a little. I still however cannot wear my rings, but I think I could. I am scared they will cut them off of me and I don't want them ruined! Ha! Jade was getting closer to being near 6 pounds now which was great. Her little heart was beating well and we had an ultrasound just to confirm for sure that her little head was the first thing ready to come out on D-day! I didn't however get to see a new profile picture of her and that kinda sucked!

The exam went well, but I did not like that Group B Strep swab they preformed. As a matter of fact it hurt BAD! She said we didn't have any significant numbers of effacement or dialation, but that I more than likely would Monday at our next appointment. I actually think that she helped us a long a little after that appointment. I had some bleeding for the next 2 days! She said that now we are in the time frame of "any day now!" That made me very excited. I am very glad that our chickens sold Wednesday so that Kenny will be able to go with me to the rest of the appointments until she is born! That is only 3 weeks and 1 day! We cannot wait to hold Jade and dress her up in all of her adorable things! Be praying for a healthy and quick labor and delivery and for a healthy and happy little girl!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Updates from the doctor and our lives....

Ok, so I have gotten a little behind. Everytime I would get around to doing something things would work out to where I wouldn't be able to post anything, but now I officially have no excuse since I am a Stay at Home Mom now! Anyways, things are running right along. I can't believe that it is already 4 weeks and 2 days until Jade is suppose to be here. Time is really getting away from me, and hopefully I will feel better by tomorrow so I can get some stuff accomplished. It is crazy how quickly this pregnancy has gone. I know I say that everytime, but seriously it has FLOWN BY!

We went back to the doctor on Monday the 31st, and I didn't have a great appointment. As of 8 days ago, I started to get sick with allergies. Ewww, but expected this time of year for me. I always get hacky (if that is a term!). However by the time I finally got to go to the doctor it had changed into more than allergies and I am now getting over an Upper Respiratory Infection! It is horrible. But thank God I can take antibiotics. So that was the first big bummer for me! Secondly, my blood pressure had risen to 130/80-ish which isn't too terribly bad, but it caused concern from Dr. Partridge, Next I had gained 8 pounds in fluids in 2 weeks. It was horrible. My whole head was swollen and I mean it I thought I was going to die. I was actually told that she was glad that I had stopped working Friday because she was getting ready to write me off onto strict bedrest just so I wouldn't have to work. Ugh. So instead of waiting to go back to a 2 week appointment we are on our weekly ones. Dr. Partridge also guessed that Jade was around 4 and 1/2 pounds, which made me feel like I was a bad mom for her being so little, however Kenny did remind me that it was just a guess from feeling her from the outside. Plus, Dr. Partridge wasn't concerned at all about her being that size and that she figures she will just be a little girl. Bummer though because I want a healthy girl, not a teeny tiny baby. We are shooting for a 6 pound princess instead, which is likely she will be by the end of the month!

So, that is all the excitement so far, but I will be better at keeping this updated since I will have more to talk about since we go back weekly. Hopefully I will feel so much better tomorrow that I can actually get a bunch of housework done. I may just have to result to staying up later and sleeping in longer! Ha! Who knows, just be praying that Jade will be healthy, I will finish up with this nasty infection, and that we will be able to get everything done before she gets here! We go back to the doctor on Tuesday since Monday is Labor Day and I will post more then. At least I will have some indications of whether or not we are actually close to D-Day!