Saturday, September 17, 2011

God is good ALL the time!

Wow things have been amazing lately in our crazy house! The kids are growing way too fast and I see it every single day! I sware they go to sleep and wake up 5" taller! :(

Our sweet Princess will be 2 in 2 weeks and it is killing me! What makes it worse is the next 2 weeks will fly by so fast because I am busy every single day. She has really started talking our ears off! Her new favorite thing to do is point out who is a girl or a boy on tv who is a papa a mommy and a daddy! Her baby brother is now Her Baby and the poor kid is treated like a baby doll! She drags him every where and he LOVES it! She is so smart and such a great big sister! But it kills me to see her grow up.

Ryan is learning something new every day too! He will be 8 months old in 2 weeks also. He is quite the talker. Dada, mama, papa, and baba are his favorites so far and he dies laughing at his crazy big sister! He is the sweetest baby and he is my little cuddle bug! :)

Well as many of you know I have been selling Pampered Chef since September 2009 I really love the products so I convinced Kenny it would be a great way to get the stuff for free or super discounted! :) I had not been very serious about it until June of this year. Tyson has been sucking us dry in the chicken business and I wanted to help supplement even more so I decided to up my game so to speak. The 8th of September I decided to hold a meeting just for people who I either thought would be great at selling pc or those who showed interest in it previously. I had 3 people show up and all 3 signed up to join my team. This morning I signed another awesome lady and I have currently 5 team members and am only 1 recruit away from Director! God has answered some serious prayers for us! I am going to be published in our national pc magazine next month also for recruiting 4 members in a month and not to mention the bonus of $200 worth of gift cards I will get which Bass Pro shops is one of the vendors and praise Jesus that is how I will take care of Kenny's Christmas present and my dad, gramps, and uncle Greg too if I can continue to share what an amazing company I work for! Also my income will grow a ton and I will be able to have leads sent to me from the home office! Doors are being opened and I am eternally grateful for these opportunities not to mention the wonderful women that I am being blessed with a team members! :)

As for me and Kenny well we are great! I have lost 75lbs officially now and only have another 30 to go! Kenny has been working his ears off with the chickens and I am thankful for a hard working hubs! Life is finally getting a little less stressful and we are excited for the holidays and the fall air that is finally in the Ozarks! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh my... where to begin.

Well, yesterday I started off having a bad day! Ugh... then as the day progressed it just got worse, along with my mood I might add. Anyways, it came time for bed and I was mad, mad at Kenny, mad that things just weren't going my way, mad that I just seem to have nothing but bad luck and that sometimes I just need to catch a break somewhere sometime. Well needless to say God made myself see this break very soon right as I was going to bed. I had already put my two sweet babies in bed with little fight at all out of them both! Kenny leaned over gave me a quick/pitty peck and said his usal goodnight,and I lay there just thinking and to be quite frank, feeling sorry for myself. Just as I started drifting off to sleep I learned real quick just how lucky I am. I started bawling. My heart ached, not for me anymore, but for all the families that I know/or have been following lately. One, my children are perfect in every way, health, happiness, you name it they have it. I'm lucky right there in so many more ways than many. I have been praying so very hard for the Woodruff Family lately, no I don't personally know them, but my friend Holly worked at the bank the Daddy works for. Anyways, their baby boy Miller passed away last week due to a muscualr disease. Oh dear Lord, Please just lay your healing hands upon that family. Reading her blog just breaks my heart. I know I could never handle something like that. I just couldn't. Realization number 1... Thank you dear God... thank you so VERY much for the health of my precious children. Please, never let me take one single second of that for granted. :( Also I am so quick to forget how healthy my children are. Our friends Jeff and Holly had to have their sweet little baby girl Emry born on March 21st... I remember that day because it was the week Ryan was in the hospital with RSV. She just got to come home a couple of weeks ago and is such a fighter. Sweet little Emry was born weighing a whopping 1 lb. 3oz. The doctors didn't give her much hope but look at what God can do! ANYTHING... even pevail when doctors say there is no chance! Realization number 2... I'm so very VERY sorry God. By this point and time I've cried what seems to be buckets of tears for these two families and buckets of tears to God for reminding me not to take a single day for granted. Father's day was rough this year, I didn't realize it at the time, but my Grandpa Holt was super super sick. He's had problems on and off since his first heart surgery which was back in 1993 I believe. January 2009 he almost passed away after his second heart surgery. We didn't know second by second if he was going to be with us at all. It's a good thing God answered our prayers because at the time I was pregnant with Jade after 28 months of trying for a baby and I know if he would have passed away I would have lost her. Well Father's day was just like January for us again, they didn't tell me until later in the week just how bad he was, because they know I'm the panicy princess of the family and I probably would have had a stroke but it was horrible. Thank God again, for answering prayers and for bringing my Grandpa back to health. He is still at Mercy and has a surgery for a pacemaker to be placed tomorrow morning. Please pray with us for this surgery.

Anyways, this post is a lot of rambling but all in all I realized just how blessed and lucky I am, maybe not lucky in things that happen in life, but TOTALLY lucky in family, faith, and love. That is all I need. I'm sorry lord for having a bad day, and I'm sorry for not opening my eyes far enough to see just how much I have!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain drops are falling on my head.... Literally!

So I'm sitting here listening to the rain for the 7th DAY IN A ROW!!!! Ugh! I'm thankful for the rain, because it was so dry here, but this is killing me! It's raining so much we now have 4 leaks in the main bathroom, one in the living room, and the bedroom through the lights.... Are you kidding me? I really don't mind rain but the tornadoes and all the HORRIBLE lightning is getting to me. These May flowers better be the size of GIANTS due to all the April Showers... :(

We had a great Easter despite the soggy weather. That better be all I write because it's starting to lightning really bad!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crazy weekend...

This weekend was nutso! I had to finish finalizing all of my Rhea Lana stuff and deliver it on Sunday. Needless to say Kenny got some Daddy time with his 2 babies! :) I only had 20 things in this sale because most of my stuff sold at the Rogers sale. I was super excited for yesterday though because I didn't get to pre shop at the Rogers sale because of a death in the family. Needless to say I was very pleased with my shopping experience! I scored Jade a Little Tikes Slide for 6.00!!! It retails on the Little Tikes site for 49.99! :) I also got her a pair of Pink Chuck Taylor Converse for 4.00 and two pairs of super cute sandals for 3.00 a pair! Yes! She also got some play food for her kitchen for cheap! I got both of the kids some clothes also, but not very many. (I'll admit it, I would rather buy them new clothes!) Anyways, I also found a couple of double jogging strollers both for $100. I kicked myself all night last nigt for not buying one. So I suppose I will go back tomorrow and see if they still have at least one of them so I can get back running! I really miss it since it's been 8 days! :( My knees are still super sore and I've come to the conclusion that it is either my running "stride" or I've bruised the cartilage in them! Either way it stinks and I'm literally in tears by the end of the day! It's all good though, keep pressing on since that's what Momma's do!

In other news tomorrow is my official weekly weigh in but I did manage to weigh last night and I was officially to the 22 pound mark!!!! What better way to celebrate than buying that Jogging Stroller HUH? :)

No exciting news any where else, other than the fact that I am quite proud of myself for purchasing a million flowers at A to Z to make my own Memorial day decorations. It's so sad at the number of graves we have to decorate. :(

Hopefully I will have a dramatic weight loss by tomorrow to announce! LOL! Until then....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ryan loves him some toys...

So Ryan has reached a milestone.... He is grabbing things! I can't believe my baby boy is almost 3 months old! Seriously I think time is flying by way faster now that we have 2 kids! :( Breaks my poor heart! He for sure is getting some super fantabulous Red hair too now! Jade's is still strawberry blonde but she sure does have some serious Red streaks in it, and the attitude to go with it! Ha!

We just Love our hands... Sister thinks he is doing the Tommahawk Chop... Please! :)

Our First Night Home! Jade already loved her little brother!

Well that's all I have for today. My house is totally clean from the storm last night! Geez I guess a trip to Alma to A to Z will be in order for today! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rhea Lana's and almost to the 20 lbs lost mark!

Whew... well obviously I didn't get to blog yesterday, instead I decided to take the kids for a walk. It was much needed, because we needed the mail for one and two I just loved hearing Jade tell me things she saw! Prime example... "See... See... Mama... See!" Music to my ears for sure! Daddy drove my Tahoe to his brother's baseball game and the double stroller was in the back of it. (Go figure!) So we had to improvise! Jade rode in her stroller that came with her car seat (Which is now of course Ryan's) and I strapped poor little Ryan into a pink and brown baby carrier! I never used it with Jade because she HATED the thing, however he LOVES it! The walk to our mailbox has one MAJOR hill in it and it is probably a mile and a half there and back! You talk about one sweat covered Mommy when we came back! Gross, but so worth the calories I burned... 211 to be exact! Ha! I'm loving the whole Couch to 5K program. My knees have been really sore from bad running surfaces (ie... a place behind our compost shed that once was a watermelon patch, which then turned into a place to put liter from the chicken houses, which then turned into a flat dirt spot because of the tiller, anyways...) and I tore all the ligaments in my ankle coming out of the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor after Ryan's hearing test! Ugh... anyways I'm running strange and I've not been aware of it because my body is trying to run in a way where it won't put any more stress on my ankle/foot and therefore my knees are feeling it. (Sorry for that rambling mess, IDK why I just typed all that. Whatever) I officially started dieting and receiving B12 shots for my energy and stress on March 9th. 4 Weeks from that to be exact (April 6th) I had lost 15 pounds! Horray! I also started the C25K program on the 5th of April. Since the 6th I've lost 3 pounds! I know that isn't much but if I can average 3 pounds a week I will be happy with that! I do know that when you're running/training you're going to build muscle too, but I guess I can work with that! Anyways I'm proud of myself! I'm almost to that 20 pound mark and I am ecstatic over that! Especially since Kenny and I are doing a competition that whoever loses the most weight or gets closest to our goal weight at the end of a certain amount of time (to be determined still) gets to pick out where we go on Vacation! Obviously I am a month ahead of him since he didn't officially start losing weight until the beginning of this month. But I am DETERMINED to win so I can take my babies to Disney World! :) My goal (don't judge, even my doctor who knows my weight said I carry my weight well) is to lose 100 pounds! I'm totally fine with losing 60 but I would rather lose 100! Ha!

On to other news... this morning I have been busy entering my Rhea Lana's clothes! I LOVE Rhea Lana! If you haven't heard of it it's a consignment sale on Children's clothing from Newborn up to Junior sizes in kids and Maternity clothes, and Toys, Outside toys, Bouncy Seats, Cribs, Strollers, you name it it's there! I consigned at the Rogers sale in March and I'm doing it again in Fayetteville next week! I got Jade a Little Tikes play kitchen for only $15! I really only consign just so I can shop early and get the things I want! I didn't actually get to shop at the Rogers Sale due to a death in the family, but my sister in law picked up the kitchen for me! Great way to make some extra money and pick up some great deals for my kiddos!

Well that's all for today so far! Going to attempt the run today and get around for church tonight! Time to go get a super cranky/impatient girl her sippy refilled! Yikes! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

So Obviously I didn't get that new laptop! Ha!

OK, I said around Christmas time that I was going to get started doing this again! I really REALLY REALLY need this. It's a great place for me to put my thoughts and lets face it vent to you poor followers! LOL! No but seriously here I go. I'm going to devote at least 10 minutes to blogging every day. Surely my children will cooperate with that!

Here's what our 2011 has been filled with so far:

*January - We welcomed our beautiful little boy into the world! Ryan James Emitt was born on January 25th at 9:52am Weighing in at 8 lbs. 13 oz and 21 inches long! He's such a sweet sweet boy!

*February - Life was pretty slow for us. We spent most of the month adjusting to not just 1 little munckin but 2! Jade LOVES her baby brother and she's an excellent Big Sister! :)

*March - Oh boy! March was a rollercoaster for us! Ryan was hospitalized for 5 days with RSV. (which is basically the common cold for an adult). Worst Month of my life. Ugh. I hated seeing him like that and it just was horrible. Period. I also got cleared in March to start working out! Obviously I didn't get to do much of that since we were home bound for right at a month. Needless to say we were pretty stir crazy.

*April - So far so good this month! I went back to the doctor for another B12 shot. Since my 6 week post baby check up I had lost 15 lbs. Woo Hoo! I can thank Ryan for most of that, and for needing the B12 shot too! That hospital stay had this Momma on pins and needles! Yikes! I also have started doing the Couch to 5K running program! Google it! You can try it too! I've started on my 2nd week of it however I am doing week 1 twice to just make sure I'm ready to increase my running time. I feel great and every day when it's time to run again, I can feel myself getting stronger and being able to run for longer lengths of time. It sure does make me feel accomplished. I'm busting my butt (literally and figuratively! Ha!) to get in shape and be happier about myself.

I really am so proud of myself right now, and I'm not being vain at all. With 2 kids I didn't know how I was going to be able to handle things, but I'm proud to say My house is in order, I find time to run at least 3 times a week, I have time to play with both of my babies, and we're spending time as a family! I'm so thankful for my family. We didn't think we were going to be able to have any more babies after Jade and my body didn't act like it was going to go back into baby ready mode but God had different plans for us. My OBGYN even says that Ryan is our 2nd miracle baby! :)

Hopefully 2011 will be better to us as the year progresses. Hopefully no more hospital stays and happy healthy children. I promise I will be doing much better with keeping up with this. Like I said I need this place just to put my thoughts! :)

Until tomorrow (hopefully)