Monday, July 27, 2009

9 weeks and 6 days to go...

So Saturday Jade was officially at the 30 week mark. I am so excited! I can't wait to hold that precious miracle. This past week I have experienced Braxton Hicks contractions. Well, let me tell you that I really understand what fake pains are. I remained at work all week though, so that made me feel better about myself! Ha!

I am currently in the stages of packing THE hospital bag. Just because What to Expect told me too! LOL! I totally trust that book with my life since I have NO clue as to what to expect! (no pun intended!) We are going to put the carseat in the Tahoe after our shower on Sunday just to be ready. Plus, who knows when she will decide to make her entrance into this world. Better prepared than not, that's the way I roll. I am a checklist freak, so you better believe I am working on that at the moment! I am also compiling a "who to call list". If you would like to be added, let me know! Jill is going to keep everyone updated through the cell phone/facebook I hope and hopefully it will be a quick labor! :) We are just so excited and ready and nervous, and all sorts of emotions. Well if you have any advice as to what to pack, let me know!

That's all the excitement for now! Oh, hope to see you at the Baby Shower next Sunday. 1-4 pm at the Marble United Baptist Church! Baby Jade Party as Julie calls it, and she thinks there will be party hats! Ha! Talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life is slowing down.... FINALLY!

Well... we finally have most of the busy summer activities over with! VBS was a GREAT SUCCESS! Jade loved it, she moved like crazy every night at church! I can't wait until next year so she will be up dancing around too! I remember how active Julie was at her first VBS and she was only 6 months old! Jade will be close to 9 months! How insane is that? I have been focusing a lot at night on how things are going to get so much better around our house in the next few months. We just can't wait to hold her and love on her. I know... I guess we are just so excited we actually sound ridiculous! I just pray that the next time we decide to have another baby we won't have to go through all of the problems we did with Jade. She truely is our little miracle and we are so blessed to have a doctor who cares about us enough to help us.

Anyways, I have a busy day full of cleaning to do today. I plan on at least starting on one end of the house and moving to the other end, top to bottom, until it is spotless! I'm sure however, that my husband will somehow manage to mess everything up again though. I'm already raising a toddler I think in that department! Ha! I promise more belly pictures to come, Kenny just isn't the best at taking them! Rounding in on the 30 week mark, and getting closer and closer to single digit week countdowns! Woo hoo! We can't wait!

Oh and our doctor's appointment went very well on Monday. Her heartrate was perfect, my stomach was measuring right between 29 and 30, and we go back the 18th of August, then the 25th for our Labor/Delivery class, then we go back the 31st for another appointment! How exciting! We are in the home stretch as Dr. Partridge calls it! Yay!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So I again fail at posting. I am stressing out so bad about things. I literally probably have 11 weeks worth of cleaning to do. I feel like I am not doing something right since I don't feel like I'm "nesting" Oh well. I am going to make myself I guess. Ha! Anyways... in other news. VBS is going great. I can't believe that the week is already almost over. Time flies when you have fun I guess. We have so far had an amazing group of kids. We started out slower this year 29 the first night, 36 the second night, and I'm egar to see how tonight goes. They are all having a blast and seem to be really enjoying what they are learning.

I dread going to the doctor on Monday, I am afraid she will be upset about how much weight I've gained. I haven't weighed at home at all because I don't see a point in upsetting myself, plus the scales there are always way off from ours. I think I may just be in one of those hormonal moods today. Pregnancy can be so hard sometimes! I love this little girl and all of her movements, but I don't like the cry baby I've become even more of!

I am getting very excited however for our baby shower that is in like 2 weeks! I am mailing invitations tomorrow so you should be getting them soon! Hopefully! Well I guess that's all I have to say. Vote on when Baby Jade will be here and see who will win the bragging rights of being the closest one! Ha!

We love you all!
Kenny, Becca, and Baby Jade