Friday, March 27, 2009

The New Baby Pictures!!!!!

Well this morning we were suppose to have our heartbeat appointment that we actually got to hear outloud! However... Little Baby Emitt was being a stinker and moved away from the doppler every time! (Dr. Partridge made sure and pointed out every "swish" that was it running away! LOL) Since she didn't get the heartrate, she wanted to do another ultrasound (which meant more pictures! Yay!) and that was fine with us! At that point I was panicing even though she said I hear it moving I am going to just look at it so I can get the heartrate! Anyways... we got in the room and as soon as she got the doppler on the baby she said (and I quote) "Wow... this baby is HUGE!" Great... now I know I am going to have a 10 pounder! LOL. It waved at us, showed us it's beautiful spine, praised the Lord (it shoved both hands up in the air at the same time!), grabbed the umbilical cord, and was going crazy! Then it put it's hands over it's eyes as to tell us, ok you guys are embarassing me! Kenny and I were amazed at the difference of our baby in 6 little weeks! It is crazy how fast they grow! It was neat to see Kenny though because he was over by the chair and then he said Can I go look at the screen! LOL! He just watched and laughed and was in awww... It was precious! We are thanking God so much still for our little blessing and now everyone thinks it's a boy... heartrate was 150. We shall see how it goes!

Here are the pics!

This one is of it's hands up in the air... the "Praise the Lord" stance!

This is one of it's hand flexed and waving "Hi Mommy and Daddy!"

And this one is of the CUTEST baby in the whole wide world! I personally think that it looks like me! LOL!