Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's A...


So Monday we found out that our little baby is a Girl! We were shocked but super excited! Kenny even was picking out dresses left and right! "Look how cute this is!" Ha! We are just so thrilled to know that she was so perfect and healthy. She just had her hands behind her head laying back and chilling out, all except for her little feet! They were going 90 to nothing! The ultrasound lady had a hard time getting her pictures of her feet, but don't worry they are HUGE! Along with her legs and arms... she is going to be a TALL girl!
We were measuring a week early too so they didn't officially change my due date, however Dr. Partridge did say that she expects Miss. Jade to come sometime between Middle September and will not go over our due date of the 9th of October! That just means we will get to meet her sooner!

In other news, she is currently weighing in at a whopping 12 oz. and was 7.5 inches long from her head to her bottom. They couldn't measure her whole body because she simply would not stay still. She rolled around, covered her head with her arms and was absolutely precious! I have always LOVED children, but now my heart is filled with so much greater of a love that I can't stand it! We are so ready to meet her, and Me and Kenny are just so proud of our little girl for being as healthy and happy as she is! She already is so spoiled and her closet is FULL of pink stuff and we haven't even had her shower yet! Ha! I'm determined for her to appreciate all colors however and we're working on greens and browns too!

Thank you for loving our little precious baby girl! I'm sure she will love all of you!
Love,Kenny, Becca, and baby Jade

Her HUGE feet!

Her Daddy decided that she needs to learn a little modesty! Looks like she is sitting on a sheet of glass and we're looking up at her! The ultrasound lady said no doubt about it.... GIRL!

We think that she is beautiful already!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Mother's Day...

Well let me tell you, celebrating my First Mother's Day was AMAMZING! I am so blessed! I actually felt so special Sunday that I could hardly stand it. Jannis made me a special Mother's day crossage:

I especially loved the little storks she put in it and the baby bottles! So creative! Ha! She also bought me a pink rose bush that I planted just to see how quickly it and our baby grows! Julie and Jill also bought me a crossage so I wore 2 that day! There's was precious also:

They also got me an adorable plaque for the baby's room that I plan on hanging up over the changing table! It says Mother's are a gift from above! It's perfect! It matches the nursery exactly too (with a hint of blue as Jill says!) They got me Hugs for New Moms book, a Wish for Baby token a windchime, & Great Expectations (thoughts for New Moms)!
Mom and Dad bought me some amazing earrings for Mother's Day! I LOVE THEM!
Kenny is buying me a grill for Mother's day and we still haven't picked out the one we want yet though, so it's not here, however he did buy the sweetest card I've ever seen and he wrote the nicest words I have ever read in it! He really is so good to me! I'm blessed to have such an amazing husband, wonderful family, and this little baby that is on the way!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Only 9 More WakeUps!!!!!

Wow... I'm counting down the days every single day! I can't WAIT to find out what this beautiful baby is! I just want to be able to call it by name instead of wow the Baby is moving a lot today or say Hey Kenny can you feel her or him kick? I'm ready to hold my little miracle in my hands! I am so blessed to be able to carry this child... you have no idea how much we love you already baby!

Getting excited about Mother's Day... I'll post more tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God has a wonderful plan... waiting is the key!

Well obviously we know a lot about waiting on God to supply us with our hearts desires. Anyways, I'm going to write this and just ask for your prayers. Pray that God will show me the path that I need to take. (Everything is fine with the baby, this is a Mommy request)! I'm so up in the air about things right now that I can't even see straight. I have turned everything all over to God and I know that His will will be done, however, I wasn't expecting this slap in the face! I'm going to have to pray a lot!

This is my unspoken prayer request! Please if you have time, just lift me up to the Lord and pray that his knowledge will pour down on me to where my eyes will be open and see His wonderful plan!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost 14 more Wake-ups!

I am going to go crazy waiting for the 18th to get here! I know that May is already flying by quickly... I can't believe tomorrow will be the 4th! I just want to make sure that everything is fine with our baby again! I mean I just find myself waiting until each doctor's appointment to just be told again that our baby is healthy and perfect! It's crazy how much your mind freaks out even more than usual when you're pregnant! Kenny I think is just as excited as I am about finding out what the baby is, however he keeps it in more than I do.

A few hours ago I sneezed REALLY Loud and hard and I started dying laughing! Evidentally our little booger didn't like it that I scared it to death! Hmmm... must have been sleeping and I woke it up! Sorry Bebe!

Tomorrow I am going to go shopping for cute things with Lenora and I can't wait. I have so much to do tomorrow that it probably won't be a very extensive trip, however I still want to spend as much time with her as I can since she will be going back to California soon! I love my best friend!

Anyways, I'm waiting on more laundry to get done and then I'm going to pick up some more and hit the sack! (Sorry Kenny that I can't stay up all night long with you, but I promise it's harder to sleep when I know you aren't even in the house! I LOVE SELLING CHICKENS, however I don't like the lonely night it holds!)