Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bedding Battle.....

Okay, so I'm already getting a little carried away, but I love to have a plan in mind and set, and then ready to follow through.... sooooo we've picked out some bedding sets that we LOVE! There are 2 options each in 3 different categories! A) Girl B) Boy C)Either/Multiples

Okay.... here they are and I want you guys to post which ones are your favorites!!!!





Let me know what you think! I'm so indecisive!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our First Baby Picture!

Isn't it precious! Ha!!! Well the big black blob is the sac and the little round ball inside of the sac is the yolk sac, and then if you will look ever so closely under the yolk sac, there our little bean is! It's pretty big actually! We got to see the little baby's heartbeating very fast and the doctor was so impressed by it's strong heartbeat! (Could be a sign of mulitples! It's still too early to tell... the doctor said that even around 5 months they most of the time diagnose it then! Weird!) Anyways, we should find out more when we go back for our Heartbeat appointment when we actually get to hear the heartbeat! It's getting more and more exciting and real to me every day! We were only 1 day off on our due date which is now October 9th, but I'm sticking with my 8th on our tickers because it is so close and I'm sure that it will change again soon! LOL! The doctor also said that our chances of now having a miscarriage (after seeing how strongly our little one wants to live by it's serious heartbeat) is only 1 percent! Praise the Lord! It was so neat to watch Kenny in the doctor's room with me! He just got so close to the ultrasound monitor that it made me want to cry. When we saw it's heart beating out of control I was like Thank you God... Thank you so much for finally giving us the desires of our heart! This pregnancy is already flying by faster and faster, however I'm excited because I just want to hold it or them in my arms! We should find out what we are having (boy/girl) sometime around my birthday in May! What a wonderful birthday present! Yay! Well I'll post the 2nd picture they took also, but thanks for being such great friends and loving us and our little baby already! Keep praying for us! We Love you all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks so much God!!!

Well I truely feel blessed beyond all reason! For starters we get to hear the heartbeat and see the little baby next Monday. I will be so READY for next week to be hear I may just go crazy! Anyways... the only pregnancy symptom that I have been experiencing is just some total tiredness! I feel so lucky because most people get so sick. I'm thanking God! I have had some heartburn also, but that's ok. I didn't even know what heartburn was until I got Pregnant! Ha! Anyways, I'll totally post the ultrasound picture that we get next Monday and then I'll be even more excited! Just continue to keep praying for Baby(ies) Emitt! We just know that God is going to let us meet it or them come Late September or early October!

God Bless!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Still In Shock...

Well it's still mind blowing that we are actually finally pregnant. Seriously... me and Kenny just find ourselves looking over at each other and just both being like... "Wow!" We have wanted this for so long, and now that it's here it's totally crazy to think that finally it's happened. We are just so excited. We've made a babysite too that we will be updating throughout everything and it's at www.babysites.com/theemitts2009. We mainly just put up pictures of our family members and then some of us! It's really fun. We are also talking to our photographer (Larry Plumlee) to see what we can do to do like a timeline of the pregnancy! It should be fun and exciting because Larry knows us so well. He's photographed most of my main things... senior pictures, family pictures, the wedding, etc. That's the updates so far.

Oh I had my first pregnancy symptom last night. EXHAUSTION! LOL!