Saturday, September 17, 2011

God is good ALL the time!

Wow things have been amazing lately in our crazy house! The kids are growing way too fast and I see it every single day! I sware they go to sleep and wake up 5" taller! :(

Our sweet Princess will be 2 in 2 weeks and it is killing me! What makes it worse is the next 2 weeks will fly by so fast because I am busy every single day. She has really started talking our ears off! Her new favorite thing to do is point out who is a girl or a boy on tv who is a papa a mommy and a daddy! Her baby brother is now Her Baby and the poor kid is treated like a baby doll! She drags him every where and he LOVES it! She is so smart and such a great big sister! But it kills me to see her grow up.

Ryan is learning something new every day too! He will be 8 months old in 2 weeks also. He is quite the talker. Dada, mama, papa, and baba are his favorites so far and he dies laughing at his crazy big sister! He is the sweetest baby and he is my little cuddle bug! :)

Well as many of you know I have been selling Pampered Chef since September 2009 I really love the products so I convinced Kenny it would be a great way to get the stuff for free or super discounted! :) I had not been very serious about it until June of this year. Tyson has been sucking us dry in the chicken business and I wanted to help supplement even more so I decided to up my game so to speak. The 8th of September I decided to hold a meeting just for people who I either thought would be great at selling pc or those who showed interest in it previously. I had 3 people show up and all 3 signed up to join my team. This morning I signed another awesome lady and I have currently 5 team members and am only 1 recruit away from Director! God has answered some serious prayers for us! I am going to be published in our national pc magazine next month also for recruiting 4 members in a month and not to mention the bonus of $200 worth of gift cards I will get which Bass Pro shops is one of the vendors and praise Jesus that is how I will take care of Kenny's Christmas present and my dad, gramps, and uncle Greg too if I can continue to share what an amazing company I work for! Also my income will grow a ton and I will be able to have leads sent to me from the home office! Doors are being opened and I am eternally grateful for these opportunities not to mention the wonderful women that I am being blessed with a team members! :)

As for me and Kenny well we are great! I have lost 75lbs officially now and only have another 30 to go! Kenny has been working his ears off with the chickens and I am thankful for a hard working hubs! Life is finally getting a little less stressful and we are excited for the holidays and the fall air that is finally in the Ozarks! :)