Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kinley's Newborn Pics... well some anyways!

I am so beyond blessed and thankful that our sweet friend Holly started her photography business a little over a year ago. Corinthian's House Photography is her business. You can find her on facebook! She really is fabulous and so passionate about capturing those precious shots of family, newborns, you name it she will do all she possibly can to make it the most special time of your life!

So far Kinley is doing pretty good for us as a baby. She is still sleeping a lot during the day but she stays awake a lot in the morning time. She gets up twice in the night to eat but goes right back to sleep after she finishes her bottles. Her brother and sister LOVE her! Seriously as soon as they wake up they come straight to her bed or right up to her and say "Good Morning Baby Sister" Ryan won't leave her alone most of the time. When we try to do tummy time he is right there by her. Jade really likes to help take care of her as well. She was a HUGE help during my 5 days of down time recovering from my c-section. Well Kenny made me not do much for 5 days. I have actually done just as well if not better this time around. I've vacuumed the whole house today and steam mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms from top to bottom and fixed an enormous dinner for us! I think being told I can't do something makes this Momma try harder!

Anyways, we are all doing well and adjusted just fine. I was a little worried about it considering I haven't been on anxiety meds since a week before she was born due to them making me so sleepy all of a sudden. I didn't know how that would pan out since this past week was a year my grandpa has been gone, Ryan's 2nd birthday, and all kinds of appointments to check incisions, Ryan's 2 year well child, and Kinley's weight check. I feel like the post partum is almost all gone, except the occasional looking at my children and husband, and of course just my life and breaking down every now and then! We are so very blessed for sure! Here are a couple of pictures from Kinley's shoot to close out this rambling mess, but seriously who wouldn't cry when they saw this precious face! :)

A little tidbit about this picture. This Bible is Holly's Grandpa and Grandma's family Bible! When we tried for so long to have Jade we constantly lived by this verse. 1 Samuel 1:27 "For this child we prayed" Every time I have been pregnant I have prayed this prayer and of course prayed for protection for them and myself during the pregnancy. Holly is such a great friend to us she knew this would be a special shot! So proud of them both!

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