Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well today was officially my last doctors appointment pregnant. I go in for pre op next Wednesday morning and have to be at the hospital at 10:30 Thursday morning.

I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable. My legs are swollen all the time. My stomach hurts in every way possible and I'm turning into quite the cry baby.

I just want to hold this sweet little girl and know that she's ok. I want to get over this horrible cough before next week or that's going to be awesome with a fresh incision. I want a footlong chicken teriyaki sub and I want to eat it all! I want to be a good mommy to three beautiful children who will be 3 and under. I want everyone to quit giving me advice and to quit saying you are going to have your hands full. Seriously I may punch the next person in the throat! I want to cry just because. I want to start this crazy life.

And now you want me to shut the whining up and get over it already right? 😉


  1. don't you want to say "der der derrrrrr!!!"
    I personally think you could use a set of twins too! :)
    actually that'd be pretty cool ya know.

    i cant wait to see pretty baby and you're going to have two very special helpers!

    love love! :)