Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Starting a NEW life officially!

So I've been reading several Mommy blogs lately and organizational blogs as well. Since we moved into our new temporary house I have really been OCD about everything having it's own place. I have really been inspired by all these different blogs and actually tackled the kids closet first. I did a really good job if I do say so myself. All I officially have left to do is buy a few more crates for the top of the closet and I'm done! I will post pictures tomorrow sometime because I'm doing this post while I'm cooking dinner. (If I get done in time I might do it tonight but I doubt that because life would not go that perfectly for me! :) )

I also have decided that since my two "big kids" are really needing the preschool skills (they definately don't lack in the social aspect of kids needing preschool since we are at a play date every week!) I am starting them in MY own preschool. If you don't know my background I taught at the same preschool I started going to when I was 4 weeks old. I worked there for over 3 years. Children are my passion! I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping children succeed when they don't think they can. In all areas, physical skills, learning goals, you name it I literally tear up seeing that excitement and just how proud they are of their little selves. My plan when I quit Happy Day was to purchase it from Ms. Carolyn. We went to the bank and everything but God didn't think that was in our plans at that time. (Also it turns out we were pregnant with Ryan at the time but didn't know it yet) I don't know if God is laying all this on my heart now as a way to get ready to maybe open this door again, but I'm listening and I'm going to for now work from home on preparing my schedule and everything just as I would at a preschool. I LOVE family childcare settings because kids see you physically cook their meals, clean your home, do the laundry etc. Skills they NEED to witness too. Anyways I'll quit rambling on that mess or I could write all night.

We have been adjusting really well to being a family of 5. I have a routine now and like I said earlier I am starting a more structured one this week. I'm totally in love with all 3 of my children and I didn't even know my heart could love so very much! I'm so excited that all 8 houses of our chickens are gone and that Kenny will finally be done with the jobs he is working on right now so we can enjoy some family outings and good old fashioned outside fun! I'm going to start walking until I'm released to start my running back up again so here's your warning I will be posting about my exercising and Zumba returning soon! (like around the 28th of February! LOL!) I'm ready to be back in shape and back to the size I was pre Kinley! I did work really hard after all!

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