Thursday, February 21, 2013

What a Crazy, Amazing, Wild Month!

This past Sunday Miss Kinley turned 1 month old. I couldn't even imagine how much faster time flies when you add another baby to the mix. It breaks my heart to see her growing so fast. She has grown a whopping 2 1/2 inches and weighs we are guessing somewhere semi close to 9 pounds... That is a very rough estimate. (We are very bad parents and haven't even weighed her in the amazing Daddy gets on the scale, steps off, grabs baby, then steps back on scale method!) She has started smiling at us when we talk to her and is attempting to want to "talk" instead of just crying. Poor thing has had serious tummy issues and even Jade has decided after a long long period of crying that she doesn't want to hear "that crying any more." Her and Ryan have been such AMAZING big siblings to their baby sister. I'm so proud of all three of them.

Life has mainly consisted of working on perfecting our schedule in a day, feeding Kinley, and breaking up the common "fights" between the Bigs! All in all we are getting the hang of things and adjusting to our even crazier life. Sorry I don't have anything exciting to post, but I wanted to give an update. Pretty boring life we have huh? ;)


  1. I cannot tell you how excited I am to hold Miss Kinley and have play dates with the big kids! I miss yall so much! Love you, friend! You are doing an AMAZING job! :)

    1. Oh sister I can't wait until you're home! I want to squeeze those sweet boys! :) And of course you too! Love you!